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No Wonder English is One of the Hardest Languages to Learn

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I recently read a story published in The Sun Magazine titled “Saturn Is The Biggest Planet On Earth“:

With a catchy title that sounds like something only a child would say, Frances Lefkowitz intertwines an experience in a yoga class with her volunteer job as a tutor in schools for those who learn English as a second language. The author executed a visual scene which contains the philosophical question of ‘what do you need to sit fully in your seat?’ and leaves the reader to ponder their own interpretation of what could be said throughout her story. Personally, I’d like to take away from her well integrated example of this lasting question and present my own lingering image or question that will stay with the reader as they go through the entire bulk of my story.

She is a master of painting her picture as the author through the comments made about her from people she encounters out and about in her life, all without completely giving away her identity in dry descriptions. I’m hoping to give readers that same approach with a brief look at a part of who I am without involving a lengthy description that could potentially be dry and dull.

Grayson, Westley, Stanislaus County, Western San Joanquin Valley, California. Image from Flickr Creative Commons section.


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