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Gee, Is It Really That Swell?

“Gretchen, sometimes I think you were born in the wrong time period – you sound like some sock hop chick from the 50s!”

I get that a lot – my slang sounds more like a 1950s bubblegum smacking teen who embraced the all-American lifestyle of rock ‘n’ roll, drive-in diners, and soda pop. That would explain why many people assume that I’d fit right in with the 1950s time period with no problems whatsoever. But after reading Heat by Michelle Cacho-Negrete, I’m quite satisfied with the 21st Century, especially with improved treatment and equal rights for minorities and women.

The realistic dialogue complete with slang phrases and gestures resulting from things said kept the story moving along quickly. When Cacho-Negrete introduced one of her co-workers Mary in her story, it seems that the moments of tension between Mary and their boss pushed the story forward in a quick, rather menacing way. Those interactions between Mary and the boss reminded me of the chase sequence scenes that one sees in horror films: a pretty girl runs away from a terrible monster that is coming to kill her.

I wish that the author talked more about what inspired her to take up her own private practice in law. In addition, part of me wants to know if she ever came across any of her old co-workers from her summer job at age 13 once starting her practice.

Lipstick Production at Colgate-Palmolive c. 1940s from Flickr Creative Commons


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