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You Can’t Put a Price on These

We’re SO not gangsta even at the Happiest Place on Earth. But we can try just for grins.
Photo taken by Becky Lee

  1.  81 lbs of fur, muscle, and body fat with a drippy nose, a love of carbohydrates, and fan of squeaky toys better known as my dog Junior.
  2. My grandma and her close friends she’s known since they were in grade school. One of her friends is 91 years old and I did a big double take when I last saw her two summers ago since she doesn’t move around like a 91 year old woman. I sure hope she makes it to 100.
  3. Spending my Wednesday nights in the university radio box with my 3 favorite DJs: DJ Alman, DJ Foxxylady, and DJ Monorail Man. How many nights have I sat in with them where we have microphone troubles, random dialogue in between film and TV music scores, or DJ Monorail Man imitating the Inception ‘bwaaaaaaaahh’ sound when we decide to talk after 10 minutes of music? So many and hopefully many more to come.
  4. Meeting my friend Joseph who I’ve known since freshman year of university. He’s always been a kind, comforting friend that listened whenever I needed someone to turn to.
  5. Spending 3 years filled with music, shouting/cheering like barbarians for the home team, and random shenanigans such as losing a trombone slide in the stands and inverting a hand cymbal, all done with the Pep Band. In addition to the mishandling of instruments this year, we held up traffic in Old Town Orange as we diagonal crossed from the university campus to the correct side of the street for a building dedication. Highly illegal? Of course, but then again it was all my conductor’s idea. 🙂
  6. Meeting several international students who formed lasting friendships, taught me more about the countries their from, and did crazy things like try to pose like a stereotyped gangsta at the Happiest Place on Earth.
  7. Surrounding myself with art which serves as another link to the past, present, and future aside from written word.
  8. A personal pride of making my own original clothing designs to share with like-minded audiences.
  9. The support, spur-of-the-moment meet-ups, and advice given to me by my graduating friend Marx. These last 3 years have been great – don’t sweat the real world because I know you’ll do well.
  10. Coming home and cooking homemade meals.

Do you have a list of things that make you happy or grateful? Feel free to share them here.


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