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Just Like the Good Old Days

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Happy 2012 to everyone! Hope your year has been going well so far and that you’ve had happy, restful holidays.

Yesterday I text messaged a friend who is wearing one of my clothing designs in a university fashion show soon and asked her if I could fit her into the corset I made for the show. She replied saying that she’d be happy to do a quick fitting but happened to be cooking dinner at that moment and asked if I’d like to come over, doing the fitting at her place, and eat dinner with her.

It made me slightly nostalgic since last fall I used to cook dinner with her on Thursdays in her apartment on campus and we’d catch up since we hardly saw each other. We’ve been pretty busy ever since so it was nice seeing her, cooking dinner, and laughing over random things again.

We made Middle Eastern cabbage rolls which have beef, rice, and spices inside a leaf of cooked cabbage. Sadly, I’ve never had cabbage before but I really liked it in this dish.

Image from Recipe Bridge

Sometimes its just the moment of chopping cabbage up, taking uncooked meat and rolling it up into cabbage leaves, and cooking it into a pot that makes a day that much better and hard to forget. Have you cooked with someone lately? Do you have any fond memories?


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