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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Kids, You Don’t Have to End Up Like Jonah and the Whale!

Those were the words said to me 4 years ago around this time by a professor at Chapman University who taught my friend’s Jewish Bible Studies class that I attended when she allowed me to shadow her around for 24 hours. The professor was an interesting fellow and even though I’ve never had him yet, his voice, spirit, and influence always left a profound mark on my memory. After he lectured, he put on the song Handlebars by The Flobots to emphasize his point. This song stayed with me ever since that day as well.


They’re Making Millions but They’re Barely Legal

Yahoo! News ran an article on the latest group of young businessmen and women making big money from start up companies and ideas. Only problem? All of these young entrepreneurs are barely legal – some of them are forced to find ways around getting access to 21+ parties with them as the celebrated figure there or even something as little as renting an apartment.

The lack of credit and awareness based on age is being attributed to the problems young business moguls face in every day life. Sure many of them are capable of dreaming up bigger, better companies and ideas than what exists right now but what about life and street skills? Some of the interviewed figures seem stunted by a lack of these types of knowledge. Are they too young to enter into the cutthroat world of business under 21 years of age?

Because of You

One of my favorite songs released by Taiwanese pop star LARA titled ‘Because of You’

Lyrics (Translated by silverlining on

Because I’m still growing up, I have many excuses and am making many mistakes
the whole world punishes me
I only need another chance to start all over
But they all told me that IT’S OVER
But you were willing to forgive me and accept the wreck that is me
You say you love me, you say you’ve never stopped loving me

You have awaken my heart and my soul
In a swift moment, I have renewed courage to stand up again
Your love for me has made me understand all that is good in love
My heart and my soul are revitalized because of you
It’s like the dark sky wishing for a shooting star
Because of you, love is beautiful

In the past, I was weak,
The present me is carefree
Because I have you, I have grown up
You gave me the chance to start over again
You never once told me IT’S OVER
Knowing how to love myself is the first step to living with purpose
It was you who let me feel a new sense of being moved

Is That _____ You’re Wearing?

It sounds like something in a fairy tale but this is no fictitious story: new and upcoming designer Camilla Olson was approached by Betsy Franco, James Franco’s mother, to dress her for the Oscars. In two weeks, Camilla offered to dress her and then provided Betsy with not only the dress for the Oscars but outfits for a Pre-Oscar event and Oprah appearance. Her business received much attention and is now expanding.

Made in America Making a Comeback?

We’ve heard the puns, the racial comments, and the fears of being dominated by overseas markets like Japan (remember the fear of ‘Turning Japanese’ post World War II?) and now China seems to be taking over as the new superpower. I’ve heard my fair share of the comments saying that Chinese made products are dangerous, not as great in terms of quality, or just ridiculous since our own country is in need of jobs.

When I read this article on Yahoo! about the possibility of returning to manufacturing more goods in the US once again, it made me take a double take. Really? Last time Yahoo! discussed American made products, there were only 10 companies who did everything in the US from a chopsticks brand to a shoe company. (Well they also failed to mention many of the denim brands like J Brand, Joe’s, and True Religion who proudly make their products in the US.)

It sounds promising but can it be done where we can eventually sustain ourselves once again?

I Love My Job is Not Just Another Cliché

Take it from some devoted employees Yahoo! interviewed recently about their devotion to work and the clean slate all of them happened to have in terms of sick days or missed work days.  Some people see these types of people as neurotic, obsessive compulsive about work, and work-a-holics. Sure you can take that route but when you were younger, didn’t you also dream of having the best job that made you excited to go in and enjoy doing every day?

Talk is Cheap

With all the celebrity gossip TV shows and blogs whispering about Miley Cyrus possibly attending my college Chapman University, the campus has burst into a frenzy of discussion. Every where I’ve been on campus, I continue to pass by students I don’t know to those I’m friends with, all of them with the celebrity buzz on their tongues.

Some of the students are appalled at the idea of Miley coming to our university. I’ve heard and seen plenty of over the top comments declaring they will so embarrassed if she comes because they’ll have to tell their bosses or prospective bosses that they graduated from an institution that has one of the most talked about young stars attending. Others say that it better be some bad idea of a Punk’d prank or are saying that she’s most likely going to flunk out since she’s so rich from her music, movies, and television success.

Then you have the other camp of enthusiastic people who either are supportive of her work or want to meet any celebrity that is part of our generation. The trouble arises when the people from the hate camp start criticizing the people from the enthusiastic camp.

I’m not a fan of her work but at the same time if the rumors are true, then she has just as much right as any other star to attend whatever university she wants. Although many people said they were excited when Emma Watson was attending Brown University, I’m sure there might have been a few people who said they weren’t thrilled to have her attending. Even now with the new Hunger Games film coming out, the rising stars playing some of the antagonists like Alexander Ludwig and Jacqueline Emerson will probably face both camps of students while attending USC and Stanford respectively.

In short, wait until more news comes through. If it is true, then don’t associate with the people you don’t like. No one is forcing you to spend time with them.