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With all the celebrity gossip TV shows and blogs whispering about Miley Cyrus possibly attending my college Chapman University, the campus has burst into a frenzy of discussion. Every where I’ve been on campus, I continue to pass by students I don’t know to those I’m friends with, all of them with the celebrity buzz on their tongues.

Some of the students are appalled at the idea of Miley coming to our university. I’ve heard and seen plenty of over the top comments declaring they will so embarrassed if she comes because they’ll have to tell their bosses or prospective bosses that they graduated from an institution that has one of the most talked about young stars attending. Others say that it better be some bad idea of a Punk’d prank or are saying that she’s most likely going to flunk out since she’s so rich from her music, movies, and television success.

Then you have the other camp of enthusiastic people who either are supportive of her work or want to meet any celebrity that is part of our generation. The trouble arises when the people from the hate camp start criticizing the people from the enthusiastic camp.

I’m not a fan of her work but at the same time if the rumors are true, then she has just as much right as any other star to attend whatever university she wants. Although many people said they were excited when Emma Watson was attending Brown University, I’m sure there might have been a few people who said they weren’t thrilled to have her attending. Even now with the new Hunger Games film coming out, the rising stars playing some of the antagonists like Alexander Ludwig and Jacqueline Emerson will probably face both camps of students while attending USC and Stanford respectively.

In short, wait until more news comes through. If it is true, then don’t associate with the people you don’t like. No one is forcing you to spend time with them.


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