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Made in America Making a Comeback?

We’ve heard the puns, the racial comments, and the fears of being dominated by overseas markets like Japan (remember the fear of ‘Turning Japanese’ post World War II?) and now China seems to be taking over as the new superpower. I’ve heard my fair share of the comments saying that Chinese made products are dangerous, not as great in terms of quality, or just ridiculous since our own country is in need of jobs.

When I read this article on Yahoo! about the possibility of returning to manufacturing more goods in the US once again, it made me take a double take. Really? Last time Yahoo! discussed American made products, there were only 10 companies who did everything in the US from a chopsticks brand to a shoe company. (Well they also failed to mention many of the denim brands like J Brand, Joe’s, and True Religion who proudly make their products in the US.)

It sounds promising but can it be done where we can eventually sustain ourselves once again?


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