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I Wanna Be a Billionaire Just Like Everyone Else

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Who hasn’t dreamed of winning the lottery at some point in their life? Maybe you dreamt of buying your retirement dream home, paying off debts, or that pricey car you’ve eyed for a while. So let’s say you did win the lottery after all. Before you start doing a victory dance, realize that with great financial responsibility comes big problems, risk for making the wrong sort of friends, and trying to draw a line between close romantic/family relationships and “friends” who need a bailout.

I once had a dream that I won the lottery, only to have the media splash my image on the front page as the surprise winner who’s not even out working yet. And of course no dream is complete without the nightmares of once good friends turning against you.

To this day, I can remember a British girl in her 20s who won the lottery and had to file for bankruptcy a few years later because she spent all of her winnings on a breast enhancement surgery, designer drugs, pricey clothes, and flashy but problematic cars. She said at the end how much she regretted winning since it made her think irrationally instead of planning things out carefully with the future in mind.

Anyone else had those moments or thought about the consequences before writers on Yahoo spelled them out?

Places That Won’t Break the Bank

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Belize? Where’s that? Really, Poland? What’s there to offer in Taiwan? While some of these countries aren’t on the radar screens of your average world traveler, these are some of the countries where you can visit beautiful, interesting places without breaking the bank. For more details, click here.

I Don’t Believe Them When They Say 900 Different Flavors of Cookies!

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Those were the words uttered by my dad when he saw a few years ago a local news report on a trio of  La Jolla young men who began a cookie business after college. They claims that their company The Cravory makes over 900 different flavors of cookies ranging from your friendly and familiar chocolate chip (theirs is called Ultimate Chocolate Chip) to more eccentric flavors like Taro or the Rosemary Balsamic. Every cookie is made fresh every day, whether you are buying them in person from a local farmer’s market or ordering them online. And with over 2000 fans, these young entrepreneurs have made a sweet business in gourmet cookies.

Craving a cookie or yet? Check out their menu and website here.  Add them on Facebook and Twitter too!

The Creme de la Creme of Culinary Delights Dealt by a 19 Year Old

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But they’re just fungi! What makes them so appealing and expensive? These are some of the things uttered by people when they hear about truffles in restaurant dishes and cooking in general. To some epicurean appetites, they are earthy, divine, and add something to a dish to make it more complex in flavor profile.

Enter Ian who started selling truffles for an Italian company in the US to top restaurants and made them his passion after the first bite. Sure it seems unlikely that a guy as young as him could be doing well for his age and in this economy but its a sign that even in tough times, some people are capable of pursuing their American Dream.

So it May Not Be New But There’s Nothing Wrong With Old

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How many times have I heard from people my own age that I must have been born in the wrong time period? Eh, too many to count. For the most part, its because I had a fascination with the old over my own time period of computers, e-mail, and hyped TV programs on stations who would deliver the news to you ‘in your face.’

The comments I received about being born in the wrong era comes from my slang which sounds more like a bubblegum-smacking gal who frequents the drive-in theaters and diners. Not to mention my favorite costume I did for a few Halloweens in a row was a 50s Sock Hop girl complete with homemade poodle skirt courtesy of my mom’s machine and patience, sheer scarf tied on my ponytail, white socks, the Keds copycat saddle shoe styled sneakers, and a fake pair of wide rimmed black cat-eye specs. Heck, even my grandma went hunting for a pair of saddle shoes when I was in the third grade. Everyone else was wearing K-Swiss sneakers, Sketchers, and Nike while I was said to be wearing “golf shoes.” (The principal once noticed my shoes and said I had good taste when she was visiting classrooms.)

That having been said, I have yet to find any 1950s sewing patterns that have caught my eye for regular women’s fashions. Today I found a 1960s-1970s pattern of an A-line dress with optional sailor collars for $4 at an antique store and snapped it up. The envelope was in bad shape but all the pieces were there and simply cut out. Considering how vintage patterns are going for lots of money on the Internet and elsewhere, it felt great to buy something cool and different from the mainstream patterns of today.

It seems to be a thing in my family: we have an interest in something old. My dad’s thing is old cameras – he always has to look at swap meets, flea markets, and antiques stores whenever we happen to be at one or in the area. My grandma’s thing was collecting old sewing machines, which she was about to toss until she realized that I might be interested in seeing at least one. My other grandma collects quirky things like Lladros and mugs with ugly faces or expressions on their faces. (I guess the ugliness of the latter makes me laugh since they are so pathetically ugly and done so intentionally that its hard to not smile or laugh at them.)

What about you? Do any of you collect something that may be old?

Sorry for Too Much Party Rockin’

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I admit that I’ve never seen Project X but apparently the grand scale of the party the main characters threw in the film was enough to inspire a negative trend of young people trying to copy the party to the ‘T’ in the activities, number of people, and advertising.

Now after all the copycat parties thrown, someone was shot and killed at one of these. Some people might argue that he had it coming to him for attending something as stupid as this, while others see the tragedy in an innocent life being taken. I’m sure its not the way the young man wanted to die (a gunshot to the head at an out of control party) and at the same time, I question his desire or intent to even want to attend that party on that night.

I’m mostly disappointed in the teen girls who attend these parties, some of them offering free admission for dressing in scantily clad clothing. Why do girls and women feel they need to stoop that low to get attention? Sure you’ll make some heads roll and faces flare, but not for very long if people start looking at the real you and maybe don’t like it because it doesn’t match with the flashy girl in the short outfit with lots of skin showing. Even Garret Jiroux, brother of Miley Cyrus’s BFF Mandy, says that he looks for a girl that is subtle and seems unattainable because guys want what they can’t have.

What are your thoughts on the madness that ensues from these copycat parties? Bad depiction of women as simply eye candy? Dangerous for the youth? A failure to determine reality from fiction?

Smiling Faces, I Wanna See Your Smiling Faces!

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Two of my favorite faces I love seeing on Wednesday nights. Here they are in action for their radio show Sounds of the Silver Screen, DJ Alman and DJ Foxxylady.
Picture taken by me

This Waiter’s Pride Brought Him Down

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A male waiter thought it would awesome bragging material to post a picture of the receipt containing the cost of a meal bought by Peyton Manning including a $200 tip on top of the 18% included gratuity. Only thing is he was promptly fired for sharing private information on a public media site.

Gee Manning, you are a nice guy but the fellow who waited on you certainly has a huge ego. Sure I love sharing news when it involves a celebrity encounter but violating their private information like credit card numbers and costs of a nice meal seems a bit over the top.

What do you think?

Life’s About Film Stars and Less About Mothers, It’s All About Fast Cars and Cussing Each Other

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Title came from The Fear by Lily Allen.

While I am a fan of Emma Watson’s talents as an actress, philanthropist, and bright scholar, I question why she agreed to join the cast of a film about The Bling Ring since the subject is still pretty touchy to this day.

Sure, some of us might have snickered at the carelessness and in some cases stupidity of some of the robbery victims which the ring gained access to, but I know you wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. The thought of being robbed of something worth a lot of money scares people since it becomes something important in some cases or represents something like status, wealth, or other reasons for why they own it.

I’m not thrilled that Sofia Coppola decided to direct a film on a controversial group of kids who gained fame by being infamous. She claims its to show the scene of California’s wealthy and famous today and that crime and crazed celebrity worship is present here. Good points made Coppola but I’m not all for promoting these spoiled troublemakers who are reaping the benefits of having their names out there despite being caught and shamed for the most part.

What do you all think? Will you still see Emma for the film?

Pinching Pennies? How About Pinching None At All?

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Leave it to college students to come up with creative ways to make-do with limited excess funds for the necessities like food, water, and shelter in addition to the extraneous ones like clothes, special events, and fun activities. One fellow has even dumpster dived and worn thrift store clothes to save lots of money, making him a poster child for Cheapster. Looks like those crazy college students aren’t so crazy after all if they’re well aware of the fact that they can’t expect Mommy and Daddy to pick up the tab after their studies.

Sure these students are showing a more resourceful if not over-the-top way of saving themselves some money but how far is too far?