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Life’s About Film Stars and Less About Mothers, It’s All About Fast Cars and Cussing Each Other

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Title came from The Fear by Lily Allen.

While I am a fan of Emma Watson’s talents as an actress, philanthropist, and bright scholar, I question why she agreed to join the cast of a film about The Bling Ring since the subject is still pretty touchy to this day.

Sure, some of us might have snickered at the carelessness and in some cases stupidity of some of the robbery victims which the ring gained access to, but I know you wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. The thought of being robbed of something worth a lot of money scares people since it becomes something important in some cases or represents something like status, wealth, or other reasons for why they own it.

I’m not thrilled that Sofia Coppola decided to direct a film on a controversial group of kids who gained fame by being infamous. She claims its to show the scene of California’s wealthy and famous today and that crime and crazed celebrity worship is present here. Good points made Coppola but I’m not all for promoting these spoiled troublemakers who are reaping the benefits of having their names out there despite being caught and shamed for the most part.

What do you all think? Will you still see Emma for the film?


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