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So it May Not Be New But There’s Nothing Wrong With Old

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How many times have I heard from people my own age that I must have been born in the wrong time period? Eh, too many to count. For the most part, its because I had a fascination with the old over my own time period of computers, e-mail, and hyped TV programs on stations who would deliver the news to you ‘in your face.’

The comments I received about being born in the wrong era comes from my slang which sounds more like a bubblegum-smacking gal who frequents the drive-in theaters and diners. Not to mention my favorite costume I did for a few Halloweens in a row was a 50s Sock Hop girl complete with homemade poodle skirt courtesy of my mom’s machine and patience, sheer scarf tied on my ponytail, white socks, the Keds copycat saddle shoe styled sneakers, and a fake pair of wide rimmed black cat-eye specs. Heck, even my grandma went hunting for a pair of saddle shoes when I was in the third grade. Everyone else was wearing K-Swiss sneakers, Sketchers, and Nike while I was said to be wearing “golf shoes.” (The principal once noticed my shoes and said I had good taste when she was visiting classrooms.)

That having been said, I have yet to find any 1950s sewing patterns that have caught my eye for regular women’s fashions. Today I found a 1960s-1970s pattern of an A-line dress with optional sailor collars for $4 at an antique store and snapped it up. The envelope was in bad shape but all the pieces were there and simply cut out. Considering how vintage patterns are going for lots of money on the Internet and elsewhere, it felt great to buy something cool and different from the mainstream patterns of today.

It seems to be a thing in my family: we have an interest in something old. My dad’s thing is old cameras – he always has to look at swap meets, flea markets, and antiques stores whenever we happen to be at one or in the area. My grandma’s thing was collecting old sewing machines, which she was about to toss until she realized that I might be interested in seeing at least one. My other grandma collects quirky things like Lladros and mugs with ugly faces or expressions on their faces. (I guess the ugliness of the latter makes me laugh since they are so pathetically ugly and done so intentionally that its hard to not smile or laugh at them.)

What about you? Do any of you collect something that may be old?

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