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Let’s Avoid the Mirrors and Makeup for a Day

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My university challenged girls to go through today without looking into a mirror to fix their makeup or think about their current appearance in a negative light. Earlier this month, girls were asked to bare their faces to embrace natural beauty. While I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis, which made participation for the natural beauty day easy, others simply ignored it.

Why is it that we try to skirt the question or suggestion of natural beauty? Sure we envy the red carpet flawless faces like Emma Watson, Megan Fox, and Jennifer Lawrence but even they admit to using makeup to achieve that flawless, radiant glow in their skin for the big events.

Take this 18 year old waitress and student in the United Kingdom who is proud to have a naturally beautiful face. Thanks to a daily skin care routine and healthy diet, she is able to maintain that desirable radiance in her skin.

Not all of us are as lucky as she is but you can mirror her advice to obtain that desired healthy-looking skin you dream about. Not a health nut? Well I’m not either but I’ve been pushing to add more fruit and vegetables to my diet in the past few years.

While my face may not be as symmetrically perfect as the 18 year old’s, I’m proud of the 2 natural beauty marks I have that frame my mouth which I feel is my favorite part on my face that sets me apart. Anyone else love a feature on their face that no one else has?

A Case of the Gotta-Have-Its and Getting Real

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I admit I’ve had my fair share of moments where I saw something that someone had and I got to have it. One problem though? Budget and/or time to obtain the said item, especially if it is limited in production. My last moment of gotta-have-it but couldn’t-have-it was when I was looking at a discounted Takashi Murakami lithograph print. I came to the conclusion that the lesser-known print that was within my budget was not quite my dream print and that the color choices offered in the print I wanted, were creepy and made the subject look deranged. Needless to say, I walked away Murakami-less but now I really don’t regret not buying anything.

Teen Vogue covers the issues and how to deal with fashion envy in its latest online article. One thing I wished they could have said was to walk away and think about something before dropping the money on it. That saved me in the case of the Murakami print, a gimmicky printed skirt from a Japanese brand, and a trendy pair of shoes that didn’t fit comfortably as I would have liked.

Thanks for Leaving, Now I Can Chase Some Dreams

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While not all of us would take a divorce well and sell off our possessions to country hop, this man decided to take advantage of his new bachelorhood and visit some foreign places he’d wanted to see. The end result was 100 countries in 100 weeks!

It’s About Doing the Right Thing

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How does it feel when you do the right thing like return a lost wallet or found something priceless? While I may not have had my moment yet, this trio of middle schoolers certainly felt a strong sense of responsibility if they went through so much to find the owner of baseball tickets worth over $1000. 

Shenanigans at Theme Parks

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I just bought tickets from a university sponsored trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday, which triggered a funny memory from high school that happened the last time I went.

My friend made these stick-on faces for bananas and gave them out as mini presents to all her friends for laughs. It then gave us an idea to take them into Magic Mountain and take lots of ridiculous pictures with them. At one point in the afternoon, we approached Daffy Duck and asked if he’d hold one banana we named Andrew for us in a picture. He did but refused to give Andrew back, resulting in me and my friends chasing him around other park guests in circles to get Andrew back. The poor worker who assists the suited characters was yelling at Daffy to just give us our banana back. Eventually, one of my friends snatched it from his hand and ran for it.

Daffy wasn’t the only one we made hold the bananas: we asked Batman and Robin who willing did so. Batman asked Robin before posing, “Can you hold a banana Robin?” Green Lantern, on the other hand, refused to hold any one of them because yellow is his kryptonite.

What about you? Have you had any funny memories or shenanigans that you and your friends experienced at a theme park?

The End is Near Anxiety

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Next year will be my final year of studies for undergraduate then I’ll be out in the real world. Like many others, I am optimistic about applying for graduate school but I’ve decided to hold off on going straight into graduate school and attempt to pay off my student loans so they don’t accumulate over time and get me in the end.

Aside from that, I’m finally forced to find housing off-campus due to my university struggling with growing freshman acceptance rates and dwindling options for on-campus housing. The good news is I found a place that is within walking distance of the school which makes for an easy transition. I’m also optimistic about starting to cook my own meals instead of guessing if the cafeteria will make something edible and normal-looking every time.

Part of me is anxious since time did go by so fast but by the same token, I see it as a new chapter in my life that is starting for my college experience. Hopefully I can grow and learn more about myself as I get as close as I can to actually living independently for my final year in school.

I think this quote from The Princess Diaries written by Mia’s late father the Prince of Genovia sums up my thoughts as of now: Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.

If Buying Online, Keep These Tidbits in Mind

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After looking through my collections of things at home, I’ve decided to sell off some of my old toys from my Japanese manga and anime phase to go to loving homes. To gauge interest (for it was a bit of a fad series I was interested in as a 7th grader), I made a post on my DeviantArt journal which drew lots of interest. Only problem is dealing with pushy buyers and people trying to boss me around about how I should conduct the sales. If you ever plan to buy something online from someone else, keep these courtesy rules in mind.

  1. Remember it is the seller’s choice in some cases. You can write all the sob stories about missing that had-to-have-it item time and time again or insisting that its easier to use a different method (eBay, transaction via e-mail, etc.) but they will most likely go unnoticed.
  2. A seller has a right to refuse a sale to a particular buyer. If you really want something, please be polite and respect the seller’s time. It’s not polite to rush them or write several frantic e-mails asking when something will be posted, sold, etc.
  3. Sellers cannot accommodate every customer. They need to do what is easiest for them and fair to other customers.
  4. Be considerate about sending several inquiry messages. Sellers have lives outside of the Internet.
  5. Be prepared to fight for an item if it in an auction. Set your computer or web-enabled device up for the page and watch.
  6. Do not harass the buyer if you lose an auction. They don’t care if you think it wasn’t fair, that the winner doesn’t deserve it, etc.

There you have it gang. I’ve dealt with prime examples of people who have been violating these rules. A few of them are trying to buy all 5 pieces of a set by bribing me with high payment prices if I do not put up the pieces on eBay. But then there are some users who want only 2-3 pieces from that same set and want the auctions so its fair. Remember, its your choice, not the buyers.

That’s What You Get For Winning

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Historically, Americans rebelled against the King of England imposing high taxes on imports on goods since we were in a new world. Today, minus the King, we still find ourselves fighting our own government in taxes. Even the lucky ones who win the lottery end up losing most of the money to clever tax rules set in place by the government on the national and state levels. A bummer? Of course it is after having Lady Luck in our favor for something like that. But it just goes to show you that even in tough economic times, money won on chance and luck can slip through your fingers too quickly.

20 Go-To Songs

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Why just 20? Well since my days of being 20 are numbered until the magical age of 21, I thought I’d share my 20 top songs that I tend to go to on my iPod. These are listed in no particular order. Rest are under the cut.

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Hunger Sinks Ships and Annihilates Renunions

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If the people at Lionsgate weren’t doing the polka in my last Hunger Games post, then I’m sure they are singing, dancing a jig, and whooping for joy with the non-sequel film making $300 million for its 3rd week at the box office. Interestingly, a correspondent for Entertainment Weekly boasted that since the Titanic and American Pie did so well during their initial releases in the 1990s, there was no way The Hunger Games could stack up to Titanic at the very least. (Looks like he’ll be eating his words once he sees the numbers!)

Aside from Lionsgate, Jennifer Lawrence is sure to be rolling in the deep with profits from this popular adaptation. I’m sure in addition to playing a role model character she liked since reading the series, she’s probably grateful for the financial benefits the film will bring her.