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Shenanigans at Theme Parks

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I just bought tickets from a university sponsored trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday, which triggered a funny memory from high school that happened the last time I went.

My friend made these stick-on faces for bananas and gave them out as mini presents to all her friends for laughs. It then gave us an idea to take them into Magic Mountain and take lots of ridiculous pictures with them. At one point in the afternoon, we approached Daffy Duck and asked if he’d hold one banana we named Andrew for us in a picture. He did but refused to give Andrew back, resulting in me and my friends chasing him around other park guests in circles to get Andrew back. The poor worker who assists the suited characters was yelling at Daffy to just give us our banana back. Eventually, one of my friends snatched it from his hand and ran for it.

Daffy wasn’t the only one we made hold the bananas: we asked Batman and Robin who willing did so. Batman asked Robin before posing, “Can you hold a banana Robin?” Green Lantern, on the other hand, refused to hold any one of them because yellow is his kryptonite.

What about you? Have you had any funny memories or shenanigans that you and your friends experienced at a theme park?


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