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A Case of the Gotta-Have-Its and Getting Real

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I admit I’ve had my fair share of moments where I saw something that someone had and I got to have it. One problem though? Budget and/or time to obtain the said item, especially if it is limited in production. My last moment of gotta-have-it but couldn’t-have-it was when I was looking at a discounted Takashi Murakami lithograph print. I came to the conclusion that the lesser-known print that was within my budget was not quite my dream print and that the color choices offered in the print I wanted, were creepy and made the subject look deranged. Needless to say, I walked away Murakami-less but now I really don’t regret not buying anything.

Teen Vogue covers the issues and how to deal with fashion envy in its latest online article. One thing I wished they could have said was to walk away and think about something before dropping the money on it. That saved me in the case of the Murakami print, a gimmicky printed skirt from a Japanese brand, and a trendy pair of shoes that didn’t fit comfortably as I would have liked.


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