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Let’s Avoid the Mirrors and Makeup for a Day

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My university challenged girls to go through today without looking into a mirror to fix their makeup or think about their current appearance in a negative light. Earlier this month, girls were asked to bare their faces to embrace natural beauty. While I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis, which made participation for the natural beauty day easy, others simply ignored it.

Why is it that we try to skirt the question or suggestion of natural beauty? Sure we envy the red carpet flawless faces like Emma Watson, Megan Fox, and Jennifer Lawrence but even they admit to using makeup to achieve that flawless, radiant glow in their skin for the big events.

Take this 18 year old waitress and student in the United Kingdom who is proud to have a naturally beautiful face. Thanks to a daily skin care routine and healthy diet, she is able to maintain that desirable radiance in her skin.

Not all of us are as lucky as she is but you can mirror her advice to obtain that desired healthy-looking skin you dream about. Not a health nut? Well I’m not either but I’ve been pushing to add more fruit and vegetables to my diet in the past few years.

While my face may not be as symmetrically perfect as the 18 year old’s, I’m proud of the 2 natural beauty marks I have that frame my mouth which I feel is my favorite part on my face that sets me apart. Anyone else love a feature on their face that no one else has?


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