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You Have Regrets, I Have Them Too

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On Monday the advisor for Mortar Board Senior Honor Society passed away from natural causes. I vaguely remembered her at the induction ceremony and then it triggered back a memory of a past e-mail she sent me about looking into fellowships or Fulbright scholarships with her help. Unfortunately, the message went unanswered since I failed to remember to contact her about setting up a time to meet and part of me wondered if it was a fluke and was actually meant for a more accomplished student like one new inductee who works for the LA City Hall with a degree in Peace Studies.

Needless to say, I can’t help but just kick myself for failing to get back to her. I can’t live in the past as I’ve been told time and time again but its really hard for me to not just ask myself why I let it slip before it was too late. Then again, its reminded me that you don’t know something or someone until its/they’re gone.

Has anyone else experienced a feeling of regret? How did you learn and grow from it?


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