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Take Some Time to Show Them the Ropes

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Last night I attended a program put on by the resident advisors of my building to promote a short break from studying for finals which included ice cream sandwiches, scantrons, Green Books, and friendship bracelet materials. Mainly I came for a free Green Book but then decided to sit down and make myself a bracelet, just like I used to.

I used to be really into friendship bracelet making since I understood it very well, thanks to the detailed instructions from Klutz, and they were one of the ‘it’ things from middle to high school. There were times where I would be making one on a bus ride for a friend and another person I knew would ask me if I could make them one. Eventually, I’d end up making more than 5 bracelets at a time.

Getting back to last night, I made a zigzag bracelet and one of the resident advisors begged me to teach him. He was a good listener and meticulous with every knot, insisting that he try to get it right. He kept getting mad at himself for skipping a strand or dropping an entire row but we were able to unknot the mistakes and fix them. He seemed so happy that he was able to make this pattern by himself which felt like a wonderful way to start a crazy week ahead.

Anyone else experience that pleased, optimistic feeling after helping a person master something and do better?


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