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We All Came Together

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I’ve been helping my grandma with some summer cleaning and stumbled across bins and racks of vintage clothing that belonged to her, my mom, and my aunt from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. My mom claimed she didn’t remember owning or wearing a certain item when I found it but my grandma just replied that the item belonged to my mom and she distinctly recalls my mom wearing the said item in her teens to twenties.

Then I found my grandma’s favorite sundress. She couldn’t believe it was still in pristine condition and recalled that her good friend that recently passed away always admired the dress. Even though none of them would wear it now in their 80s, the friend, before she died, begged my grandma to give her the dress as a keepsake. Because the dress was buried in a bin in her basement, she never knew where it was and it never reached her friend. This resulted in Grandma making me try it on. When I came out, she was quiet for a moment before asking my mom to imagine when my grandma was my age and was wearing this dress over and over again. She insisted that I keep it, along with the other vintage clothes I’ve unearthed so far.

“That’s just barely scraping the surface,” she told me before I left for my hotel tonight. “There’s so much more down there.”


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