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It’s Easier to Complain Than to Write Something Thoughtful

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Like many consumers, I write reviews of places on Yelp to give people an idea of my experiences with certain businesses and the people I encountered who work for the said businesses. In the words of my dad, “It’s easier to write a nasty review on a site like Yelp than to take the time to write a thoughtful, positive review that gives customers the good and bad of a business so they can make their own decisions.” How right was he when I first started reviewing.

Most of the businesses I review are either restaurants or clothing places, both which contain a variety of glowing reviews that are short and to the point and others with reviews in all capitals with a hurried look to them. (As if they weren’t written in a moment of rage.) Sometimes these reviews are the first introduction to a brand that can color people’s attitude to a brand before they even set foot.

With my dad’s words burning in the back of my mind, I made myself promise to write detailed reviews of the businesses with helpful advice, recommendations, and with both the positives and negatives of the business so others could make their own judgment before going. The reviews haven’t gone unnoticed and many have applauded my take on reviewing, which makes me feel good that I’m offering some free advice to people before they invest the time, money, and energy in a place that can help them see both sides.

How do you offer advice about reviews to friends, family, or total strangers?


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