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Are They on Easy Street?

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I was sitting down to watch CBS shows like The Mentalist and The Big Bang Theory with my mom tonight when we decided to flip to ABC after both were over. Nightline covered a recent story about the recent phenomenon of young women my age getting their college educations paid for by wealthy, older men, dubbing this a case of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies, thanks to the Internet websites who offer wealthy men a chance to find younger mates who want to be spoiled and treated like a princess with the promise of money, expensive clothes, and other pampering.

Interestingly, both women interviewed had fit bodies and had plastic surgery for their breasts, thanks to their “sugar daddies” shelling out the money for the operation. Some call it prostitution while the men argue that in many of the cases, they are simply looking for a younger companion who keeps them company and whom they can provide for, aside from the lure of sexual acts.

This isn’t the first time this has happened and caused quite a stir. In the mid–late 1990s, young girls in Japan were looking for wealthy, older men who were secretly looking for someone to make them feel loved, even if it resulted in an expensive dinner and shopping for the girl after 1 encounter and no sexual relations. They were dubbed “kogals” which merged the terms for ‘child’ and ‘girl’ to describe the shocking behavior of these girls who made themselves purposely look as cute and innocent as possible to attract the lonely rich male who would spend money to attract these girls. According to one account in the book Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno, one girl declared about the older man she was seeing to be “nothing but a purse”; this girl was an 8th grader in 1996 and was earning $4,000 dating older men!

While I may not come from a wealthy background or have a super, high paying job, I would not want to fall into the lifestyles of these young women who are seeking “sugar daddies” because it seems to create an artificial bubble for a young adult growing up. Sure, when we were little girls and reading fairytales, we probably would have said yes to having someone take care of us forever and pamper us like the princesses we read about. Today, I’d choose to make my own life without relying on someone else’s money with strings attached.


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