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Funny How Magazines Write Some of the Articles That Stick With You For Years

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I recently recalled an old story that Seventeen Magazine ran about a girl named Ashley Qualls who came from a struggling family who turned her social media layouts into big money. Eventually she created and made lots of money thanks to creative layouts and Google AdSense.

I’m guessing it stuck with me since it was a girl who took something that she liked doing and turned into her passion. And it led to her success as a young businesswoman who has made a powerful impact on her family’s lifestyle. At the same time, it did bring some tension between her, her family, and some friends who work for her. Some of her family expected her to pick up the tab all the time and she did take it to court in some cases.

While I can’t say that I’ve ever been in her shoes, I often wonder what life can be like for the people such the late Steve Jobs and legendary Coco Chanel. They had their successes and left lasting legacies but their history is colored with tension between people and fall outs. I was told by a teacher at a young age that not everyone is going to like you. But in success and business, it certainly becomes a test to see who really cares about you and who wants in because you have the ‘it’ factor now.


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