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First Dibs for Dealers

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It’s not uncommon when events like San Diego Comic Con draw many people who obtain exclusives, freebies, and what not that end up on eBay for reasonable to insane prices to make quick money for unlucky others who were unable to make it into Comic Con. Yet there’s been some questioning of dealers from small businesses buying every exclusive item they can get their hands on to resell at a higher price for profit.

Companies like Mattel don’t see this as a problem since they aren’t losing money any ways. However, people like my mom questioned the practice since genuine customers who want these items for their collections or for their kids tend to miss out on them, thanks to dealers. The one that bothers me the most is a seller in the article who bought tons of Monster High exclusive dolls and pre-sold them via eBay auctions before he ever got his hands on them. There was no guarantee that he was going to get any and I can’t help but think of the little girls who adore the series for its quirky set of characters and webisodes on YouTube.

What do you guys think? Should companies like Mattel crack down on dealers who are only buying for their own businesses or should they keep things as is?



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