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Fun or A Fine Mess? Fashion Night Out Tomorrow.

FNO or Fashion Night Out, either way you’ve read about it or heard about it, its tomorrow night. According to the official website, it started in 2009 as an event to celebrate fashion, boost sales in a tough economy, and make shopping fun again. The event began in New York City and has expanded to include 18 international countries and multiple cities in the US that host their own events related to Fashion Night Out. Hosted on the second Thursday of September from 6-11 PM, big stores and boutiques alike stay open later and entertain shoppers with music, drinks, some store exclusives for Fashion Night Out, and in some stores, raffles or giveaways to bring people in.

For some, its a great event to support stores, dress up or down, and have a little fun out. For others, it means fierce shoppers, a madhouse at every store, and heartache. 

Personally, I have never gone but I did envy some of the girls who were completely free to go with no classes the next day. After reading both sides of the argument about whether it can be fun or a nightmare, I’ve been rethinking the event.

What about all of you?


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