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Then I Was Knocked Down (Welcome to Confession Session Chapter 6)

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This isn’t rocket science, I thought as I walked up to the door. It had been several weeks and by now, things should have cooled off. I didn’t expect Emma to wholeheartedly forgive me right there but I guess I needed to take the first step. I raised my fist to the door of the administration office in my dorm building and knocked.

“It’s open,” Emma said on the other side.

I gripped the door knob in my hand and pulled the door open. Emma was seated at the desk with her laptop open and her pager beside it. She looked up from her computer with a tepid look and asked me what I wanted. Yeah, she still had a grudge against me. Sheesh.

“I wanted to apologize for my spiel about resident advisors at that Comedy Wednesday thing,” I said. “It came out as part of a rant because Jesse pushed me on stage and was just smirking at me. I got mad at him first then, it kind of snowballed out of control.”

Emma went back to typing on her computer and didn’t meet my gaze. Silence settled in and all I could hear was the tip, tip, tip, tip of the laptop keys as she typed something. She finally replied, “Is that all you came here for?”

I was stunned at her response. Really? She was going to take this like a little girl who didn’t get what she wanted? I closed my eyes and breathed deeply through my nose, trying to compose myself before I said anything stupid.

“I understand you’re upset Em,” I said. “I think the reason why I said those things was because at the back of my mind, I was mad at you for not being around all the time. During Orientation, you weren’t around to help me deal with my original roommate. She accused me of stealing something from her when in reality, she lost it in the mess of her stuff she had in the closet. I must have asked a bunch of different RAs before one of them told me to tell the Resident Director about the problem. He told me to work things out and ask you for help. I must have knocked on your door several times every week only to have no response. Things became so bad in my room that I had to get another roommate.”

Emma closed her laptop and stood up from the desk. She walked towards me and said, “Well I’m sorry that I’m not here to fix your life every time it falls apart. You do realize that I have a life too and its busy. Speaking of busy, I have a paper due tomorrow that I’m working on and if you don’t have anything else to say or ask for, I’d like it if you would leave.” She placed her hand on the door and I turned to leave, fuming silently about her rude behavior. Screw you Emma.

I decided to head outside and clear my head. As I stepped through the doors, I nearly ran into Jesse who had a girl with him. I stepped to the side and let them pass. The girl glanced over at me and loudly asked, “Hey isn’t that the-”

“Yeah I guess it is,” Jesse said as he guided the girl to the staircase. “Just pretend that she isn’t there. So how about you? What’s new with you?”

“Go to Hell Jesse,” I muttered as I stared at their retreating forms. I angrily walked out through the doors and put as much distance as I could between me and my building. I could care less about whoever he was sleeping with and frankly, I was surprised that any girl even wanted him after the embarrassment he suffered from my performance.

“Hey! Hey! Maroney Baloney, hello?!” a voice yelled from behind me.

I whirled around to see it was Dany and she ran towards me. She took one look at my face and began guiding me to her car.

“You look like someone who could use a good cup of black tea and some chili mac and cheese,” she said.


“Here you go,” she said as she placed the hot mug in my hands. “The chili mac’s gonna be done in a few minutes.”

“Is this one of your experiment recipes?” I asked.

“Nope its a staple I’ve been making since I was 10,” she said proudly. “Yeah I always thought that mac and cheese was missing something so I took my Dad’s chili from the night before and bam, you’ve got chili mac.”

I shook my head at Dany and muttered that she was nuts. She made a face at me and replied that I was the crazy one for not trying the dish sooner.

She walked over to the stove and stirred around the contents. “So it looks like the world got to you,” she began. “What happened?”

I groaned as I ran a hand through my dark hair. “I tried apologizing to Emma and she threw me out of her office.”

Dany spooned some chili mac into a bowl for me and handed it to me. “Sounds like she’s not the type to forgive easily.”

“Oh it gets better,” I muttered. “Jesse walked past me with some girl and he told her to ignore me. Stupid prat’s probably going to try to get lucky tonight.”

Dany brought her bowl of chili mac over and cracked open a cold beer for herself. She took a swig of it and set the bottle down before digging in. I pushed a mouthful of the stuff into my mouth and it didn’t taste terrible. For a Dany creation, it was edible and pretty good.

Dany chewed a mouthful of the chili mac and swallowed with a thoughtful look on her face. “Sorry to hear that Kay,” she said. “Well Emma sounds like she’s being too proud to accept an apology when its offered and Jesse’s just being a kid.” She set her bowl down and wiped her mouth with a napkin.

“Since the two people you’re at odds with live in your building, how about you take a break from them and spend the night here?” she offered.

“Really? Are you sure that it isn’t going to conflict with your work schedule?” I asked.

“Nah I won’t be needed on set until midnight,” she said. She winced at the thought of it and rose to grab more chili mac. “How about you and classes? When’s your first one?”

I checked my schedule on my phone and replied, “Dany, its Friday. I don’t have classes that day.”

“Good! Maybe you can get some extra sleep then,” Dany prompted as she sat back down. She pointed to my bowl and asked what I thought.

“Different but a good different,” I replied. “Can we watch something? I need a good movie to get my mind off things.”

Dany gestured to her DVD rack by the TV. “Pick one! Any one! It’s your call tonight.”


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