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Swallowing One’s Pride is Harder Than it Seems (Welcome to Confession Session Chapter 7)

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“Mac…Mac…MAC!” a voice said to me.

“Eh?” I mumbled. I pried my eyes open to see Dany standing over me.

“I hate to wake you but I need to get you back to campus,” Dany said. “Apparently my roommate was supposed to be back from a party last night and she had car troubles. Service guy took forever to get out there and I need to pick her up pronto.”

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and threw back the blanket that Dany had given me last night for her couch. I got up and splashed cold water on my face before accepting a spare toothbrush from Dany.

“What did she do about sleeping last night?” I asked as I added toothpaste to the brush.

Dany leaned against the door frame and made a face. “I think she slept in the car with the doors locked. Good thing no one tried to rob her or take her at gun point. She was not far from one of the sketchiest places in town.”

I winced at the thought of her roommate’s ordeal as I brushed my teeth quickly. Yeah, that had to suck, big time.


“I owe you a homecooked breakfast next time we can hang,” Dany said as she drove me back. “I didn’t mean to rush you out on an empty stomach. You gonna be okay with cafeteria grub?”

“Yeah or there’s always a granola bar from my room,” I replied. “Yeah your roommate’s more important so don’t apologize. Heck, the poor girl might want to just crawl into her bed when she gets back. Gotta be really uncomfortable sleeping in a car.”

“Especially if you’re as jumpy as she is,” Dany added. “Well here we are.”

I unclipped my seat belt and jumped out, thanking Dany before she sped off to save her roommate from Sketchville. I walked back to my dorm building and removed my ID card from my pants pocket. Only, I didn’t need it as the door was wildly flung open and a girl dashed through it with rage in her eyes. Hang on, wasn’t that the chick that Jesse had brought into the building?

Whatever, I thought as I walked through the door. I pressed the UP button for the elevator and waited patiently for the car to come down. The doors opened and I stepped into the empty elevator car, pressing 4 on the wall before the doors closed. I watched the digital screen flash the numbers as the car ascended. 1…2…3…4. The doors opened and I stepped out onto my floor. I headed toward my room and a door opened as I walked past. A boy stuck his head out and he looked at me.

“You don’t happen to know what happened to a girl with brown hair wearing a tank top, do you?” he asked.

“Was she also wearing sweats and flip flops?” I asked.


“She left in a huff when I came in. I don’t know where she went though,” I replied. “And she looked angry by the way.”

The boy ran a hand through his hair and thanked me before closing the door. Who the heck was that girl? Did she get into a row with Jesse? Or did she happen to be another campus floozy who got one guy but not this other one?

“Yep this is a great start to a Friday morning,” I muttered as I continued toward my room. I punched the code into my door and swiped my ID card, granting me access into my room. I closed the door behind me and saw that Devon had left a note on my desk.

Hope you’re okay – Dany told me that you were with her.

Have a nice weekend!

I smiled faintly at her kindness and decided that I would rather crawl back to bed for now instead of braving the scowls from the cafeteria staff. Especially the head server who hated it when kids came in for breakfast with 1 minute to go before breakfast service was over. I had thrown back the covers of my bed when I heard a knock at my door.

Maybe it was someone looking for Devon, I thought as I opened the door. Instead, it was Emma standing outside my door. Her eyes were red from crying and she wrung her hands anxiously.

“Em, what’s up?” I asked her.

She looked past me and asked if she could come in. I held the door open for her and she stepped in. I offered her a chair but she refused it, insisting that she was fine with standing.

“What is it?” I asked her.

She looked at me and took a deep breath before producing a tablet from her tote bag on her shoulder. She turned the device on and pulled up a document on the screen before flipping it around to show me.

  1. Sometimes I wish I had never take the job for RA. People really don’t take me seriously and I’m starting to doubt myself.
  2. I just got a D on my Communications in Debate Topics midterm because I suck at understanding the class material.
  3. I’m too stubborn, like my gran.
  4. My boyfriend slapped me a few days ago. This wasn’t the first time he’s hit me. I was slapped for dumping him and trying to leave him for good. I’m scared that he could come after me.
  5. I wish I could have been there for you.

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