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Girl on the Mend (Welcome to Confession Session Chapter 8)

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None of us said anything after that tablet with those 5 confessions was revealed. I was shell-shocked about Emma’s problems which had taken quite a toll on her right now.

I broke the silence first and looked up at Emma. “Em, did you tell campus security about this guy?” I asked.

Emma nodded and sniffled loudly. “I gave them every bit of information from his license plate to his appearance,” she said. “I’m still scared that he could still try to come after me.”

I walked over to my microwave fridge unit and pulled out a cold pitcher of purified water. I grabbed a glass off one of the shelves with our silverware and filled it, before handing it off to Emma. She smiled faintly as she accepted the glass and took a sip.

As I put the pitcher back, I dove back into the confessions on the screen of her tablet. “Did you file a restraining order yet? He can’t break the rules of that or else he could be arrested.”

Emma set her glass down and replaced her tablet within its protective sleeve. She took a seat in the chair I had offered to her earlier and her shoulders sank as she sighed. “I need to do that. Only, I need to tell this to my parents first. I haven’t exactly told them about the failing grade on my midterm so I’m not sure what to tell them first.”

I shut the fridge door and walked over to her. “You need to tell them about the abuse first,” I said. “It’s more important now than one exam that can be made up with extra work.”

“Yeah I guess,” she said. She looked past me and stared out the window. “So how were you paired with Devon? I think she was in another building altogether when I got my list of residents over the summer.”

I looked over at Devon’s crumpled bedspread, her neat desk with papers in trays and pens in cups, and the school sweatshirt draped on the back of her desk chair. “Yeah she actually had a roommate that didn’t show up for the school year,” I said. “She was originally going to become Rachelle Prescott’s second roommate but that didn’t sit well with Rachelle.”

“Why not?”

“She got mad at Devon for a dancing activity we did in Orientation,” I said. “We had to get in a circle and every time there was a chorus change, someone would get in the middle and do a solo dance. Dev came to study dance and she already has a lot of training so when she got in the middle, she did this neat mash-up of ballet and hip hop, I think. Someone told the director of the Dance program and he talked about working with her privately. She was excused from the beginner classes because it was apparent that she didn’t need the remedial work.”

“And this Rachelle was mad because?”

“She thought Devon was just trying to show off and prove that she was a much better dancer than everyone else,” I replied. “It didn’t help that everyone couldn’t stop talking about her mad dancing skills all day. So when the building director found out that she was roommate-less and that I was having issues with mine, he paired us together. It’s safe to say that it worked out so much better.”

Emma ran a hand through her red-brown strands before picking up the glass to take another drink from it. As she put the glass back down, she looked at me.

“I wanted to apologize for being a brat yesterday,” she said. “I shouldn’t have said the things I said and my attitude was really unnecessary. I’m sure it didn’t help when Jesse snubbed you too right after I did, right?”

“Hang on, how do you-”

“There are windows by that office door, Kay,” she said. “I did look out them and you looked pretty steamed after he brushed you off. Were you guys dating by any chance?”

I shook my head no and gave her an amused look. “Em, Jesse is very…passionate¬†and I hate when he has a moment. I’d probably scuttle under the bed if he and I were dating since he does have…needs.”

“Oh. I just wondered since you two are almost always hanging out together,” she said. “Sorry about the misunderstanding. I’m guessing he’s still mad at you?”

“Yes indeed.”

Emma rose from her chair and thanked me for the water. She began walking toward the door and she paused for a few seconds. “Thank you for listening to me Kay,” she said. “I can’t express how sorry I am for being the worst RA ever and I hope that you can some how reconcile with Jesse. Hate to see a bridge burned in one semester over an event.”

“So do I,” I said as I opened the door for her. “Good luck telling your parents.”

“Thanks, we’ll need it,” she said as she left.


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