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If You’re Thinking About…Your Weight


Images from The Retronaut and The Huffington Post

Post style inspired by The Sartorialist

On the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving, I caught up with my friend Christine and her friend Ashley at Disneyland. Once Ashley arrived, the topics of weight, thinness, and body envy came out, mainly because Ashley models in between her studies and is very slender at this time. I kept saying that both were fine the way they looked and it took a lot of restraint for me to not jump in with my own securities, since it seemed like everyone was bashing their own bodies.

With this event fresh in mind, I recalled the old magazine and catalog ads for weight gain products in the 1940s-70s. Back in the 40s and 50s, “skinny” was not the ideal of pretty – instead curvy was considered healthy and alluring. When I first stumbled upon these, I laughed really hard because the taglines were very outlandish and bordering on cheesy. Now the ads have me thinking about the women today versus the women back then. The women of the 40s and 50s would probably die if they saw people like Jennifer Lawrence because she has the body they wanted back then. As for many women of today, the retro caricatures of a housewife making breakfast or smoking a cigarette in a tight-fitting coat emulate the body they want, especially the waist size.

Were these ads onto something?

Happy Small Business Saturday

While I’m posting this a little later than I wanted, I’d like to wish everyone out there shopping a Happy Small Business Saturday!

This was started in 2010 by credit card company American Express to show support and love for the Mom and Pop stores found all over the world. Whether its buying fresh, organic produce from a local farmer’s market, shopping for accessories from an Etsy crafter, or buying something in a local boutique, you’re helping those small businesses.

I shopped at my local farmer’s market today and bought toffee flavored peanut butter from PB Peanut Butter, sun-dried tomato pesto from Basiltops, and Chipotle Bitchin’ Dipping Sauce from Bitchin’ Sauce.

PB Peanut Butter is located in Southern California and specializes in making fresh peanut butter with different flavors. It is lower in fat than regular peanut butter. Flavors include their Toffee (which they liken to regular peanut butter), White Chocolate, Chocolate, Cinnayum (cinnamon), and many more.

Basiltops makes their basil from freshly grown basil and pinenuts and combines the basic pesto with flavors like Sun-Dried Tomato, Diavolo, Lemon/Lime, and more. It is vegan by the way. (BTW, I’m not vegan but I have many friends who are – great product for those who are!)

Bitchin’ Sauce is an almond-based dipping sauce with a consistency similar to hummus. It is vegan and gluten-free for those who want a dipping sauce that is like hummus but gluten-free. It comes in Original, Pesto, and Chipotle varieties.

What about you? Did you celebrate Small Business Saturday?

Happy Turkey Day

Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving! Hope it was a safe and enjoyable one. Whether you are full from the great food or gearing up to snag some deals on Black Friday, I hope that its been a good holiday.

My dad came to pick me up from university this morning and unfortunately, a short hour long drive home turned into a 2 hour+ mess of traffic from other families and people rushing to get home for the holidays. We managed to make it home safely and cooked a great meal to enjoy, all while watching re-runs of The Next Iron Chef Redemption on Food Network.

According to the local news channel report at 11 PM, there are 71 million shoppers across the country out shopping or planning to shop Black Friday sales this year.

He Said Hello with a Hat (One Chapter Story)

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” Jasmine groaned as she dashed up to the nearest Departures screen. Her carry-on began to slip toward her elbow and she hitched it back up onto her shoulder. Her black bowler hat fell over her eyes and she pushed it back to see the screens. Her eyes zipped across the lines of departures as another woman came up behind her.

“Looks like that layover is going to be longer than we thought,” the woman said. “Well no matter, we can grab a bite to eat. Correction, you can eat anything while I-”

“I know Mom, you’re trying to eat healthy,” Jasmine groaned. “You were practically a saint when we visited Grandma. I think you made her feel uncomfortable with the measured servings of unsalted nuts and pieces of roasted chicken.”

Her mother gave her an exasperated look. “I told her that I was trying to eat better before we came out here!”

Jasmine shrugged her shoulders and moved toward the directory of businesses in each terminal. Her eyes lingered on the Japanese fusion bistro but her mom hated most of the cuisine.

“Jazzy, how about this place?” her mother asked as she pointed out a seafood place. “We can both eat there.”

“Yeah sure Mom,” Jasmine replied.

They began heading over to the restaurant and waited for a hostess to bring them to a table. Jasmine couldn’t help but notice how crowded the bar was and not just because it was Happy Hour. There were swarms of people crowding around one area of the bar and she saw lots of camera flashes going off. She didn’t have any time to look closely as the hostess came over and guided her and her mother to a table close to the kitchen doors.

“You’re busy tonight, aren’t you?” her mom mused to the hostess.

The hostess handed them their menus and leaned close to them. “Well people found out that Tyler Desmond and some of his teammates were eating here before their flight, so its been nuts. And you know that with all of the Olympic coverage recently…yeah its been crazy. But your server will be right over.” She hurried back to the front of the restaurant and Jasmine tried not to roll her eyes under her bowler hat.

Tyler Desmond. Poster boy for Team USA swim and ladies’ man. Jasmine didn’t get what the big fuss was about him – heck he wasn’t that good looking in her mind. Almost every girl at college talked about him and his toned body, flashy sports car, and accomplishments in the pool. But then again, he did graduate from the same college she was attending, meaning he probably had a brain under that mop of chlorine-soaked hair. That or someone probably scouted him for his swimming talents.

“Isn’t that the guy-”

“Yeah Mom, he graduated from my college,” Jasmine grunted. “Can we not talk about him? I’m sick of hearing about him.”

“Hi there ladies! I’m Christy and I’ll be taking care of you tonight,” the waitress said. “Can I start you off with some drinks? A beer? Our house-made Bahama Mama?”

“Club soda for me, please,” Jasmine’s mom said.

“Water please,” Jasmine said.

Christy nodded and pulled out her order pad. “Can I suggest any appetizers to start with? A cup of New England clam chowder? Fried calamari?”

“No thank you,” Jasmine’s mom replied.

“Okay then, are you ready to order or do you need some time to decide?”

“Uh I’ll need some time,” Jasmine said.

Christy smiled and told them to take their time before leaving to check on another table.

“So Jazzy, why do you not want to talk about Tyler Desmond?” her mom asked.

Jasmine brushed a strand of her hair away from her face and sighed. “Mom, everyone talks about him non-stop at my school. I just need a break from it, okay?” She turned her attention back to the menu and her mom followed suit.

Creole Codfish…………………………………$14.75

No Fuss Salmon………………………………$17.95

Have it Your Way Filet………………………$15.95

Fish and Chips………………………………..$11.50

Fish of the Day………………………………..$18.95

“Do you know what you want Jazzy?” her mom asked.

Jasmine nodded and craned her neck to find Christy. She scanned the restaurant for her and paused when she felt someone looking at her. She turned toward the bar area but saw no one looking in her direction. Odd.

“Have we decided yet ladies?” Christy asked as she came up to the table. She plunked down the drinks next to their respective owners and pulled out her order pad.

Jasmine snapped her head back to the table and looked at her mom. Her mom held out the menu to Christy as she ordered the salmon with broccoli and brown rice.

“I’d like the Creole Codfish with fries,” Jasmine replied as she handed her menu to Christy.

Christy scribbled down their order and promised to put it in right away. As she left, Jasmine took a sip of her water and adjusted her hat. Her mom rolled her eyes and muttered that Jasmine shouldn’t have worn this hat today. The security personnel at the Newark Airport had given her a hard time about the hat – heck one of them insisted on checking to make sure that Jasmine wasn’t trying to hide something in it. If that wasn’t enough, a little boy had pointed the hat out to his mother on the plane and loudly said it reminded him of this creepy hat in a Disney movie that possessed people.


“Her? But she’s already-”

“I just have this hunch, okay?”

Jasmine raised her head from checking her phone for texts when her hat was lifted off her head. The dark felt that once sat low on her forehead was replaced with a white cabbie/golfer hat. She was almost afraid to look to see who it was, since she had a bad feeling who it was. But she took a deep breath and turned to see who it was that swapped her hat out. She had to look up at the guy who had the bowler perched on his head because he was so much taller than her.

A strong, square jaw. Dark brown hair that stuck out at different angles. Dark eyes. No it wasn’t poster boy Tyler – not by a long shot. He looked familiar but she couldn’t place where she had seen him. He smiled sheepishly at her as he looked at the white hat on her head.

“Sorry for taking your hat,” he said. “But I was trying to tell my friends that the closing ceremony hat looked better on a girl than on me.”

Jasmine felt her face flare up as she touched the sides of the white hat. One side had diagonal stripes of ribbon sewed on and it clicked. This was the closing ceremony hat from the Olympics and that meant that this guy was with Tyler’s crew.

“Hey Paul! Are you done with your food or what?” Tyler yelled over at him. “We’ve got a flight to catch!”

Paul? Oh he meant Paul Wilson, the up-and-coming swimmer who had won his first gold medal this summer! Jasmine had seen him prior to his entry into the Olympics and thought he was handsome. They both came from the same hometown and he was only 2 years older than her. Was this a dream?

Paul jerked his head back toward Tyler and said yes. He removed Jasmine’s bowler hat from his head and handed it back to her. “Although I do like your hat on you. It works for you.”

“Thanks,” she said as she pulled the white hat off her head. She started to hand it back but he placed his hand on top of hers.

“No I want you to keep it,” he said. “It looked weird on me and I think it looks nicer on you.”

“Wait I don’t want to take your hat!” Jasmine protested. “It should be a memory of your first Games.”

He shook his head and adjusted his jacket collar which was sticking up. “Nah I don’t need it to remember the Games. I’ve got a medal which is awesome in itself. And I’ve got a good memory of a cute girl I just met rocking my hat.” He turned to leave the restaurant and looked back with a small wave.

“Hope to see you again soon,” he said as he left with his teammates.

Her mom couldn’t help but smile knowingly at her daughter. Jasmine took her bowler hat and stuffed it into her carry-on bag. She replaced the white cabbie hat on her head and fixed her hair to lie smoothly under it.

The food arrived and Jasmine ate but she couldn’t even think about how great the fish tasted. Her face was still pink from meeting the guy she thought was cute and she still couldn’t believe that he gave her his hat.


“Well that was exciting, wasn’t it?” her mom said as they found their seats on the flight. Her mom slid into the window seat and Jasmine took the middle one.

“Yes, yes it was,” Jasmine said as she buckled her seatbelt. “It was really nice of him to give me his hat but he didn’t have to. Well, we live in the same hometown so maybe we will see each other around.”

Her mom nudged her and pointed to the hat. “I thought I saw something written on the inside of it when you took it off.”

Jasmine frowned and she pulled the hat off her head, turning it upside down to see inside. Inside the brim, close to the manufacturer’s tag was a string of 10 numbers written in small, black ink. He had given her his cell phone number.

Want to Intern with One of the Luxury Fashion Companies in the World? That’s Going to Cost You.

Charitybuzz recently teamed up with multiple companies who donated opportunities, items, celebrity meet and greets, and other prizes to the highest bidders who were donating their winning bid to a specific charity. One of the companies was Missoni, who offered a 1 month unpaid internship with them.

So what’s the catch? The starting bid for the short term gig with the famed Italian knitwear company was $10,000! Regardless of whether you are a fashionphile or someone who doesn’t care, it seems a bit steep for an unpaid month of working for the company. Especially if the housing and transportation to their offices wasn’t covered in your $10,000 donation.

Is it possible that the company didn’t want to really give away the internship? Comment below.

Remember What is Important

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Who out there voted? I joined the millions of Americans who exercise their right to vote for my first presidential election this year.

Regardless of who you voted for, it is what it is. I’m asking for everyone to please be considerate and not burn any more bridges over politics.

Friendships last forever. Politics, government, and the presidency are constantly changing.

Hardest Thing to do is to Say I’m Sorry (Welcome to Confession Session Chapter 11)

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“How was your Brother-Sister Day?” Devon asked me when I got back. “I hope it went better than it started in here.”

“Yeah it was good,” I replied. “We watched a movie and had breakfast. It was good catching up with him.” I sat down in my desk chair and decided to check my Facebook page.

Devon got off of her bed and slammed her heavy Math book shut with a thud. She came over to me and watched as I checked for messages and updates. She placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Since it sounds like it was such a great day, I won’t put a damper on it,” she said.

I looked away from the screen and creased my brows at her comment. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Devon coughed and made a face. She looked uneasy about telling me whatever she had to tell me and I nodded at her.

“Just spit it out Dev,” I said. “What’s up?”

Devon shifted her feet and gripped her other arm as she began telling me her news. “Jesse stopped by when you were out. He was hoping to talk to you but I said you were out with your brother. He wouldn’t say what he needed to talk to you about, but I’m guessing it was pretty important.”

I fiddled with the tail of my braid and Devon continued, “I’m sorry Kay, I didn’t mean to ruin your fun day. I know its been…a month I think, since you last talked to each other. …You know, you don’t have to talk to him right away. You could give it a couple of days.”

“Did he seem angry?”

“Nope, he seemed kind of quiet and almost…almost as if he was sorry,” Devon said.


Thursday was a blur and filled with more of Rachelle’s snotty complaints about bad stories. Friday finally arrived and I still hadn’t talked to Jesse.

My alarm clock went off at 8:45 AM and I lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling. Just go and get the talk over with.

I sat up and reached for my cell phone which had a new text message from Jesse.


When are you free to talk?      Sent at 8:20AM

I typed back Now.


I drummed my fingers on the bench as I waited for Jesse to show up. He had told me to meet him on campus by the stupid abstract scribble sculpture that was donated by some rich donor. The wind cut across my face and I zipped my jacket up to the neck collar to keep warm. Surprisingly, it was pretty gloomy-looking today for the west coast.

“Hey,” Jesse said as he sat down beside me. He had a bouquet of white daisies in his hand, each one had a piece of paper with a string tied onto the stem.

Before I could ask what the flowers were for, he cleared his throat and pulled one from the middle to hand to me. He prompted me to read the paper attached to it.

I was too proud to admit that I was wrong.

He handed me another daisy once I looked up. I overstepped the boundaries we set between the two of us. 

This process continued 4 more times as he handed me the daisies.

I have no idea what I am to other people. Funny seemed like the natural choice to go with.

I suck at being a good boyfriend. Ask any of my ex-girlfriends and they will tell you.

I hate my dad right now because he decided to leave my mom.

I have never slept with anyone. I might talk big but I haven’t done anything yet.

The last one made me raise my eyebrows and I looked over at him.

“What about that girl you brought back to the building?” I asked.

Jesse made a face and leaned back against the bench back. “Her? That’s Dana – she’s in my lit class and she claimed she needed to study with someone for the next exam. I did better on the last exam than she did so I guess that’s why she approached me. Then she spent the entire session talking about her life and girl stuff and I snapped at her that we were supposed to be studying. Then she left in a huff to hang out with someone else.”

I snorted at the thought of Dana throwing a big temper tantrum after having someone else shut her down. “Yeah I saw her the next day when I came back from hanging with Dany. There was another guy looking for her.”

“I’m guessing she wanted something from him or the other way around,” Jesse speculated. “Either way, I could care less about her. She probably flunked the latest lit exam anyways. No wonder she’s failing.”

“So what now?” I asked him.

He looked at me and sighed. “Can we go back to square one? I’d like a do-over.”

“That works for me,” I replied. “Good to have you back old friend.”

“The feeling’s mutual.”

Oh Brother Why Art Thou Here? (Welcome to Confession Session Chapter 10)

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Pound, pound, pound! “Mac?” Pound, pound, pound!! “Mac Attack?”

I pried my eyes open and groaned at the sound of someone knocking at my door. My clock read 8:18 AM which made me groan louder about this idiot at my door. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and threw back the covers.

“Mac-intosh?” Pound, pound, pound!!! “Please don’t tell me that you’ve been kidnapped or else Mom will kill me for being a bad brother.” Of course, it was my brother. This was right up his alley – wake me up at the crack of dawn by pounding on my door and calling my name in between knocks.

I peered at him through the peep hole of my door and waited for him to start pounding on the door again. As he knocked, I yanked the door open, making him temporarily lose his balance and stumble forward into my room. His hand caught the corner of my desk and he used it to steady himself.

“Good morning Bryce, nice entrance you made there,” Devon yawned from her bed.

Bryce made a mock bow and he thanked her. “Sorry to wake you Devon but I came to bug my sister,” he said.

“I don’t get an apology for being woken up on a Wednesday morning?” I demanded.

Bryce turned to me and wrapped me a bear hug. He rumpled my hair for an added effect and said, “Nope, cause you’re my baby sister. And besides, Mom said you didn’t have class until later.”

“At noon Genius,” I darkly replied. At that moment, my computer screen flickered from its sleep mode and flashed that I had a new message. I stepped towards my computer to see it was an e-mail from my professor who taught my Wednesday class. She had come down with the flu and was having trouble keeping fluids down, which meant that she was going to be out for a while. Bryce read my e-mail over my shoulder and I winced when I saw his smile in the reflected in the computer screen.

“Wonderful! We can hang out all day,” he said as he clapped an arm around my shoulders.

“Oh goody.”

Bryce took a seat in my desk chair and pointed to my dresser. “So let’s get dressed and out the door. Chop, chop! So much to do, not enough time in the world to do it.”


“So aside from forcing me to get up early and dressed in a flash, where are you taking me?” I asked as we drove down the street in his car.

“Well naturally I’m taking my sis to get breakfast and we’re going to see a movie, anything but that stupid vampire one,” he said.

“How’s work?”

“It’s good,” he said as he put on his directional for a street parking spot that was opening up. “I’m past all of the busy work and starting to get into the fun stuff.” He watched as the car currently in the spot turned the wheel, pulled forward, and zipped out into the street. “Crazy son of…” he murmured as he parked the car.


Bryce took a sip of his coffee and sighed with a smile on his face. He drummed his fingers on the table and looked around the cafe space curiously.

“So uh Mac Attack? I’ve got some good news and some bad news,” he began as he looked back at me. “You know how I said I’m finally starting to do the fun stuff? Well the fun stuff involves me traveling abroad for a month or so to Seoul to represent the company. But on the bright side, you won’t have me around to magically knock on your door to sweep you away for coffee and a movie for a while.”

I nearly choked on a sip of my juice.

Bryce stared at me with a straightforward expression as he said, “Don’t die on me. Mom wouldn’t like that. She’s already not thrilled that one of her little babies is going further from the nest than she’d like.”

“But that’s great news! The traveling I mean, not you being gone for so long,” I replied. “Congratulations Bry.”

“Thanks Mac Attack,” he said. “It’s nice to know that you don’t completely hate me for being a brother.”

Our breakfast plates arrived and Bryce picked up his fork and knife and began digging in. I ate slower than he did and he gulped down sips of coffee in between the bites. At one point, he put down his fork and knife and wiped his mouth with a napkin.

“By the way, I thought we talked about how you and comedy don’t mix,” he began. “And yes, I’m still on Facebook sis. Don’t worry though – Mom doesn’t know about your performance yet.”

“Good, keep it that way,” I replied. “Jesse made me go up and talk. I only went to the event because he made me listen to a performance about sex. Then he made me get up and do something. I was mad so I-“

“Went on a rant? Yeah I know,” he replied. He rubbed his hand under his chin thoughtfully and looked over at me. “So what happened with those two unfortunate victims who suffered your wrath?”

“Both ignored me for a while,” I replied. “Emma forgave me just recently and Jesse’s still ignoring me.”

“Sorry I couldn’t have visited sooner,” he said. “I’ve known about this for a while since it popped on my news feed with your name tagged to it. But as I said earlier, its been nuts.”

“Thanks for being concerned but I’m all right.”

“Really Mac? Find that really hard to believe right now,” he said.

I looked down at my plate and he reached across the table to touch my hand.

“Mac, Mom said something about this Jesse-guy being your friend right?”

“Yeah, where’s this going?”

“I’m just saying, he might not want to admit he was wrong. See, most of the guys I know just don’t like being told that they were wrong and it takes time for us to accept that,” he said. “Don’t give up on him yet Mac. I think because you did call him out by name and attacked something he thought he was great at, he’s just giving you the cold shoulder longer.”

I looked up from my plate and thanked my brother with a smile. He grinned as he rumpled my hair and murmured, “Now that’s the Mac Attack I know. So what movie do you want to see. And it better not be that vampires one or that serial killer one. The serial killer one earned a stinker rating from what I heard.”

I laughed and threw up hands up in the air. “I don’t know what’s out but whatever sounds decent to sit through, I guess.”

Everything’s Gonna Be Cool (Welcome to Confession Session Chapter 9)

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“So let’s talk about Amber’s story,” Professor Sykes began as we settled into our seats. He looked around the table for hands to go up and Rachelle’s hand went up.

Rachelle flipped to the middle of the story and read aloud this passage, “A birthday party? Who throws a 21 year old a birthday party? Leave it to my friends and co-workers to try to give me something to compensate for all those lousy years of nothing that my parents never gave me. But trying to be the best sport I could possibly be, I plastered a fake smile on my face and mingled amongst familiar faces and strangers alike. After listening to a boring conversation about Millie’s great-aunt having a stroke, I excused myself to drown my sorrows in a bottle of red. It was when I was yanking the fridge door open that I felt her staring at me. I turned and didn’t dare believe what I saw. A woman who looked like an older version of me.” She paused after reading it and looked over at Amber. “This section seems dense. Almost as if you were trying to rush to get to the end of the boring stuff and trying to reach the exciting moment sooner.”

Amber flushed pink as she looked down at her notebook and hastily scribbled notes to herself for improving her writing. Poor girl.

Wilson raised his hand and said, “I think you developed a great protagonist Amber. I like her tone and mannerisms – she’s not like other female protagonists I’ve read about.”

This comment elicited a smile from Amber who looked up quickly to meet Wilson’s eyes before she buried herself in writing again. A few more students raised their hands and gave Amber feedback. She seemed a bit hurt by Rachelle’s comment as she continued to write down the suggestions to improve her writing. Her eyes stayed glued to her notebook as she wrote frantically until Professor Sykes announced that we were going to move onto Chance’s story.

Professor Sykes thumbed through the pages of Chance’s and smiled. “I am pretty impressed with your descriptions, language, and pacing on this one Chance,” he said. “Anyone like to comment on his story?”

This time I beat Rachelle’s hand to comment first. She glared at me sulkily and I ignored it. “I really like how you gave us the formats and styles of social media to move the story along. It feels like we can see Tyler’s private life and it feels more realistic.”

Chance nodded and thanked me with a smile. Rachelle shot her hand up and Professor Sykes allowed her answer next.

“Why did you make Abby a mystery girl?” Rachelle demanded. “It seems like a cliche to me since its been done before.”

“Face it Rachelle, everything’s been done before,” Wilson broke in. “It’s Chance’s story, not yours.”

“I liked that Abby was a mysterious type!” Amber spoke up. “It added to her persona which is a bit bad-ass and cool enough to make slick entrances and exits.”

“All right everyone, one at a time,” Professor Sykes said. “But you all made some great points there. Anyone else like to comment?”

No one else raised their hands and I could see Rachelle still fuming over being interrupted by Amber and Wilson. Chance seemed amused by everything happening around him. When no one said anything else, Professor Sykes checked his watch and announced that the next batch of stories to be read and marked up were from Quigley, Franco, and Jillian. They passed their stories out before everyone began leaving for their next class or for a break.

Chance packed up slowly and looked over at me as I stood up with my bag on my shoulder. “Hey Mckayla, you wanna go grab coffee or something right now?”

“Yeah sure.”

We walked out of the classroom and headed down to the campus coffee house. The line was long, thanks to it being in the high 50s today, which translated to cold for the west coast. Chance fished out his wallet and scanned the menu to see what was available today. I pulled my wallet out and looked at the menu. The coffee house was notorious for switching everything on their menu every week so it was always good to check before ordering.

“You know what you want?” Chance asked me.

“Uh yeah I’ll just have a peppermint hot chocolate,” I said. “You?”

“I’ll probably get a cup of Rainforest Rage,” he said. “You ever had it before?”

“Nope. All I know is it is a dark roast.”


Chance took a sip of his coffee and made a face.

“Guess the Rainforest wasn’t so raging for you?”

“It’s bad. Tastes more like water,” he muttered as he pushed the cup away. “Oh well.” He settled into his chair and drummed his fingers on the table.

“Thanks for the nice comment back there,” he said after a long pause. “Rachelle looked like she was going to rip me a new one.”

“She seems to enjoy finding the littlest things to pick at and then she complains about them,” I retorted as I set my cup down. “Well except for Wilson’s story. But then again, I think its because she likes him.”

Chance rolled his eyes at that. “Yeah he keeps talking about Amber. He lives down the hall from me in my dorm and he asked her roommate about her relationship status. So that’s a no go there.”

“Ah drama. It never seems to disappear as we get older,” I sighed.

This made Chance laugh and I smiled as I took a sip of my hot cocoa.

“How’s life been ever since the confessions thing?” he asked. “Word has it that you pissed some people off.”

“True,” I confirmed. “My RA and my friend got mad at me. My RA forgave me but my friend hasn’t yet.”

“Hey its his loss,” Chance said. He looked around the coffee house before looking at me.

“So uh, you probably saw my stupid confessions,” he said.

“Yeah, yeah I did, ” I said. “And uh, I’m guessing that you must have been to every party that anyone who’s anyone has thrown to see that many tarted-up girls.”

Chance groaned and put his head down on the table. “Don’t remind me! Ugh, I can’t believe some of these chicks who think that not wearing underwear is a good thing. Trust me, I’ve seen too much f-ed up stuff happen at the parties I’ve been to. You name it, I’ve probably seen it.”

“Sorry to hear that,” I replied.

“Nah its all good,” he said. “Glad to know there’s some standards left. Thanks for being normal.”

“Uh yeah sure,” I said. “So who is Chance Wen? Aside from being a soccer player who wants out and writes really good stories.”

Chance threw his hands up and stretched. “Well, I’m a Psychology major with a minor in Graphic Design. I like making vector graphics. I hate early morning classes. And I like a good bowl of guac with chips. What about you? Who is Mckayla Tang?”

“I’m an English major looking to either double major or minor in Theater. I like curry rice. I’m not a fan of living in the dorms because I really don’t relate to anyone on my floor, save for a few people. And I like cold weather.”

Chance grinned and nodded in approval. “Well I’m glad we met in Creative Writing 101,” he said. “You have any other classes today?”

I checked my watch and made a face. “Yeah I have one at 2:45 and I need to get the reading done for it. But thanks for having coffee with me. It was great.”

I stood up from my chair and he followed suit, picking up his cup to toss in the nearest trash can. “Worst. Cup. Ever.” he declared as he threw it in.