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Even Heroes Have the Right to Bleed

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Sorry that I’ve been off the grid readers! It’s been crunch time to get those last minute papers and thesis work in before I have to walk on May 18. I can safely promise that there will be more posts once the madness is over.

The title of today’s post comes from Five for Fighting’s song Superman (It’s Not Easy), which sums up my post about a close friend’s father who just passed away.

It’s not the kind of call I thought I would get this early in my life, especially during a time when people around the age of 21-22 are preparing to don the same cap and gown as everyone else to walk across a stage to accept their degree in specific major. But my friend called a few days ago to inform me that her dad passed away and that she wanted me and my family to be a part of the group of people who remembered his life. Shock was the first reaction that came to me when I listened to her voicemail that she left when I was packing up to head back to university. Then I was rendered speechless – How? Why? What? all flooded through my mind. My friend’s father was a good man with a positive outlook on life, a smile on his face, and a welcoming presence that seemed to engulf you as soon as you were in his presence. Why did this have to happen to my good friend, who was coming to the end of one chapter in her life and was starting the next one?

While I do not know all the facts about his passing, it brought me back to this song and to a short piece of fiction I read back in freshman year called “Superhero” by Reese Okyong Kwon for an English class. Both focus on the concept of the superhero and attempts to reason with people why superheroes are human and flawed at times, instead of being the perfect, invincible figures that we associate with them.

No there’s magical formula to make us immortal. No, we can’t dodge every bullet in our lives. Even the people we view as superheroes have their struggles with life and they cope with them accordingly.

Perhaps we associate certain people like my friend’s father with positive qualities and traits, almost holding him to the status of superhero. They may not wear capes or can lift cars up with a pinky finger but we admire them because they choose to be their own person that has characteristics that are admirable and in some cases, seem so amazing but might be so far out of reach for ourselves.