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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Friends? Acquaintances? Is That What You Really Are?

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After a fairly new friend canceled some plans on me again (due to a serious case of the flu), I kept getting the same question from co-workers, general bystanders who struck up a conversation about my weekend, and my family: Was this person really a friend of mine?

It got me thinking about the words ‘friend’ and ‘acquaintance’. Usually I identify the people I’m familiar with but not close to acquaintances and the people who I share interests or similar personalities with friends. I met this girl through some mutual friends who suggested that we connect at some point due to our love of Japanese street fashions, multicultural customs, and Comic Con. I’ve known her for roughly 2 3/4 years. We’ve only hung out three times tops.

This friend likes looking her best and tends to lean toward being more girly. I’m more of an urban, grunge chick with some touches of classic, punk, and eclectic all rolled into one. She is very vocal about her opinions while I tend to keep mine to myself.

I remember feeling annoyed at first when she canceled once again but at the same time, I felt bad for her getting sick. She has her quirks that annoy me yet at the same time, I like how she is one of the few people who will understand my talk about certain niche topics.

What do you all think?

She Had Style And She Had Talent

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This haunting song by Katie Gray fits the mood of my day when I was informed that my friend from three years of marching band passed away today at age 21. Her twin brother lost a sister, a best friend, and a part of him.

I lost not only a good friend and fellow section leader but one of the best clarinet musicians I was fortunate to play with at Carnegie Hall.

Perhaps I was drawn to this song for the strumming of the guitar trading off with the piano, which persists throughout the song under the softspoken lyrics. In a way, our relationship was a bit like the guitar and piano – both are capable of being quiet yet they stand out when played in a certain way. They are very different instruments – one is associated with modernity while the other is very classical. We were two very different individuals but music brought us together.

Normally I’m more of a words type of girl but this time, I think its easier to let the music speak for itself.