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She Had Style And She Had Talent

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This haunting song by Katie Gray fits the mood of my day when I was informed that my friend from three years of marching band passed away today at age 21. Her twin brother lost a sister, a best friend, and a part of him.

I lost not only a good friend and fellow section leader but one of the best clarinet musicians I was fortunate to play with at Carnegie Hall.

Perhaps I was drawn to this song for the strumming of the guitar trading off with the piano, which persists throughout the song under the softspoken lyrics. In a way, our relationship was a bit like the guitar and piano – both are capable of being quiet yet they stand out when played in a certain way. They are very different instruments – one is associated with modernity while the other is very classical. We were two very different individuals but music brought us together.

Normally I’m more of a words type of girl but this time, I think its easier to let the music speak for itself.


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