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In Girl World, Halloween is the One Night…

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My alma mater posted an article a few days ago about popular trends in Halloween costumes this year. A Business major was quoted saying that “Women dress slutty on Halloween for the same reason everyone does everything in life. To get laid or look good trying. I can’t think of any other reason.”

I can agree with him that the culture is driven by sex and looks, instead of positive characteristics that are meaningful in life and to other people. However it is unfair to state that just women choose certain Halloween costumes to attract attention. I can think back to a friend of mine who came out as gay a few years ago and one year dressed up as Lady Gaga in her red lace number with the crown on his head. Some people thought his costume was genius while others complained about a guy dressing like a controversial female figure. Another guy friend of mine mocked the whole prom king and queen trend and went as a mad, almost-zombie-like prom king, which earned its fair share of praise and complaints.

I know there are other girls out there who have chosen to pick creative costumes or in some cases, they will pick characters who are different and a little quirky to some degree. Some examples include an older friend from high school going as Maggie from The Walking Dead, a couple from high school doing Mary Poppins and Bert, and a group of girls went as Minions from Despicable Me. (The latter group made their costumes and chose to be closer to the movie’s look instead of the Minion dress being sold at the costume stores.)

As for me, I decided to use what was in my closet to become Mabel Pines from Disney Channel’s Gravity Falls.

1395312_10151749368697963_2108713380_nPicture taken by Trish Bazan

Image from Gravity Falls Wikia

Character reference

In short, I feel that the Business major’s comment was not the most accurate reason for Halloween costume choices. Sometimes people pick costumes because they really like a series, a character, or because they want to be easily recognized. Not everyone chooses to dress in certain ways with the intention of getting lucky.

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! What did you do?


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