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You’re Kinda_______ But I Love You

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While I don’t have any siblings, this song made me think of many brother/sister pairs that I’ve met over the years. Some of them fought like cats and dogs over the littlest things while others saw each other eye to eye on a majority of things.

My first set of really good friends were a older and younger sister duo who fought over small things like who got to wear the princess tiara or who got the time to spend with me first. I never really fully grasped the tension or risk of setting these two off back then and it would always surprise me when they started to fight.

The brother/sister duo I referenced in an earlier post used to be the same way – he used to get mad whenever she’d say something about him and he would retaliate by telling her to f*** off in her face. Then somewhere along the way, they started to get along and looked out for each other. Losing his sister this year was a difficult thing because he didn’t just lose his only sibling – he lost someone whom he had shared a close blood bond with.

So you might hate your brother/sister, whoever. But remember, they just might love you, even if you have your flaws.


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