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Chasing Down My Memory Lane

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The weekly post from Daily Post made me dig through my music library to find the song that moves me. I hemmed and hawed over newer tunes that had just joined my library and the classics that have stuck with me for years. Then I selected The La’s “There She Goes”, a tried and true song that I listen to whenever I feel a need to be nostalgic.

I first heard this song when Hallie Parker disguised as Annie James, in the remake of The Parent Trap, arrives in the UK to meet her long lost mother. I used to associate the song with the sights of the UK, and humorously, this was stuck in my head when I visited London for the first time in 2008 during the summer.

Nowadays, I like to think of it as my anthem for whenever I’m traveling. I think its because it starts slow with the guitar then it picks up the speed before the lead singer comes in ā€“ much like a trip, things start slow for me and then things kick into high gear once I surround myself with the culture and sights.


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