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Keep Calm and _________ (Disney Version)

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It’s funny how a simple phrase coined in the beginning of WWII by the British government has become an iconic phrase that is followed by some and parodied by others.

It is a straightforward and easy to follow phrase for the most part – even in difficult situations, you continue as usual and try to keep a level head.

For those who know me or have read my blog, its no secret that I’m a Disney fan. Inspired by this classic phrase, I wanted to coin a few Disney-inspired ones for laughs. Some of them probably already exist and I own none of them.

Keep calm and be practically perfect in every way. (Mary Poppins)

Keep calm and glitch on. (Wreck-It-Ralph)

Keep calm and kiss the girl. (The Little Mermaid)

Keep calm and find more than this provincial life. (Beauty and the Beast)

Keep calm and hit it with a dash of Tabasco. (The Princess and the Frog)

Keep calm and modernize it. (The Sword in the Stone)

Keep calm and sing a silly song. (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Keep calm and have a Hakuna Matata day. (The Lion King)

Keep calm and tell the truth. (Pinocchio)

Keep calm and trust your Fairy Godmother. (Cinderella)

Keep calm and have the Best. Day. Ever. (Tangled)

Keep calm and befriend a dragon. (Pete’s Dragon)

Keep calm and enter the grid. (Tron)

Keep calm and be a man. (Mulan)

Keep calm and paint with all the colors of the wind. (Pocahontas)

Keep calm and listen to the King. (Lilo and Stitch)

Keep calm and be a cat. (The Aristocats)

Keep calm and follow the will-o’-wisp. (Brave)

Keep calm and look for Hunny. (Winnie the Pooh)

Keep calm and fight for Narnia! (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Keep calm and believe in faith, trust, and pixie dust. (Peter Pan)

Keep calm and avoid spinning wheels. (Sleeping Beauty)

Keep calm and use a magic feather. (Dumbo)

Keep calm and steal to do the right thing. (National Treasure)

Keep calm and rob the phony king of England. (Robin Hood)

Keep calm and take a magic carpet ride. (Aladdin)

Keep calm and go from zero to hero. (Hercules)

Keep calm and have a very merry unbirthday. (Alice in Wonderland, animated version)

Keep calm and add a tiara. (The Princess Diaries)

Keep calm and be incredible. (The Incredibles)

Keep calm and just keep swimming. (Finding Nemo)

Keep calm and explore the wilderness. (UP)

Keep calm and scare because you care. (Monsters Inc.)

Keep calm and knock them dead! (A Bug’s Life)

Keep calm and live one day out there. (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Keep calm and find a friend in me. (Toy Story)

Keep calm and forget about your worries and your strife. (The Jungle Book)

Do you have any? Feel free to share them!


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