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To Think and Act Like One Faction or Not

After San Diego Comic Con a while ago pushed the film adaptation of Veronica Roth’s trilogy Divergent, I curiously picked up the books to see what the hype was all about. Roth created a society in the distant future where the former city called Chicago has been split into 5 communities which value one particular trait or belief.

The brave are called Dauntless, the selfless are called Abnegation, the peaceful are Amity, the intelligent are Erudite, and the honest are Candor. The books center around a girl who can easily think in the manner of multiple factions and their philosophies, which is a trait called ‘Divergent’. She is also able to distinguish what is real and what is a simulation, even when she has been put under a simulation serum.

Some of the more devoted fans are quick to choose their factions that they would see themselves going into. Apparently, the quiz in the back of the first novel claims that I have the Divergent trait and could fit within Amity, Candor, and Abnegation. Most of my friends told me that I was certainly unusual, as many of them quickly chose one faction that they could easily live in, if society was to change the next day.

It got me to thinking about the factions and how they could be applied today. The flaw I see with committing yourself to one idea of thinking is putting one at risk for being narrow-minded or limited in characteristics. I believe that I ended up with my result because I am very flexible in my way of thinking and I tend to weigh the positives and the negatives of situations while analyzing the overall concept. And frankly, I never like just thinking in one way.


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