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If You Could Exact Revenge with a Little Help, Would You do it?

When I was younger, I found myself flipping through the pages of a Japanese mook filled with manga for girls and one of their darker features included a series called Jigoku Shoujo or Hell Girl. The manga told the story of a girl named Enma Ai who is forced to aid the humans who wish to send someone to Hell by offering them a doll, trapping the said person with her fellow hellbound aides, then ferry the wretched souls into Hell. Humans would call to Enma by entering the name of the person they wished to be rid of into a website that only appears at midnight. Enma will aid the person who called upon her but in return, they will end up in Hell once they die.

The series always made me wonder whether anyone would ever take that risk if it was offered to them: To be temporarily rid of someone until death when you would see them again. Some of the victims who use her services were depicted as students who suffered bullying at the mercy of others, stalking, and in some cases gruesome incidents.

The idea was intriguing but too frightening for me to comprehend at the age I discovered this series at. I saw the offer as a temporary one, as there is no choice for redemption but instead, you are allowed to bide your time alive while the accused party is offed right away, so to speak.

Would you have done something like this?


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