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The Stars Are Not Aligned for Me

Are you a fan of astrology or do you find it to be a huge waste of time?

When I was younger, it interested me, since particular traits and attitudes were attributed to specific signs. Yet as I got older, I realized that I was less like a Gemini than the ideal description laid out in astrology books and articles. There was even a test on Facebook that I took years ago that determined that I was around 40% being anything like the sign I was born under. My best friend found it bizarre but I figured it wasn’t that odd.

The general traits that I’ve seen attributed to Gemini are strong at communication, flirtatious, easily bored, gossipy, loves change, a social butterfly, and very creative. It’s safe for me to say that I like being creative and slowly but surely I’m starting to accept change as a good thing. (As a child, change meant moving from the state and town I called home and being forced to make new friends who start assuming certain things about people from other parts of the US. You can probably guess why I loathed it.)

Humorously, many people have told me that I’m good at communication, especially with public speaking. The thing is, I despise public speaking and I only happen to sound confident or decent about the topic I’m speaking about if I practice it into the ground. And I’ve said plenty of stupid things before that got me into trouble and plenty of people mad at me.

Gossip and flirting are areas I avoid and abhor. For one thing, most of the gossip I’ve dealt with in my life is petty and pointless. There are times where friends have gotten caught up in and they try to suck me into it. It takes a lot for me to not add some snarky comment about finding something more worthwhile to focus on, instead of this person’s relationship, that person’s bad taste in fashion, etc. Most of the flirting ploys and tricks I’ve seen them as laughable – in one instance, a friend of mine attempted to show me a trick for looking at a guy and her guy pretending to be the example didn’t pay that much attention to the exercise at hand. I then asked many of my guy friends how they would read into this trick if it was used on them and many of them said that they would assume that the girl was either not interested or saying “Well it’s better than nothing but I’m still hoping for better options.”

I don’t mind talking to people if I know them or I wish to get to know them. But I’ve noticed that there are times where I can’t stand being around other people and their idiosyncrasies start to get on my nerves.

What about you?


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