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Say What? Bloodsuckers are Still Hot?

Prior to reading Twilight at the urging of my friends, I noticed that there was quite a few vampire novels out there, minus the original Bram Stoker. I will admit that I did read the Darren Shan saga, Vampire Kisses series, and one novel titled Demon in My View because the idea of immortality was intriguing.

Why are we so fascinated by the concept of being able to live out a longer life? Also, why do we like the idea of having the undead cross paths with the mortal world? Maybe we wish that we could keep living throughout history and be able to recall periods of turmoil and prosper without too much difficulty if asked later down the road. Or perhaps it is the romantic notion being able to defy the logic and reality of living a short life.

It is safe to say that I fell out of love with the genre after trying to understand the characters of Twilight and New Moon. I’m a character-oriented reader and I tend to enjoy books that have related traits or act in a way that seems familiar to something or someone I’ve seen. For me, I had not encountered any individual that was like Bella Swan, which is probably why I never understood the series or felt compelled to root for her. (And a trip to the dental surgeon to remove some late bloomer wisdom teeth, complete with cutting into my gum line to extract the troublemakers, certainly made me feel miserable about having blood in my mouth.)

What does surprise me is the fact that the TV series like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries as well as the book series turned movie property Vampire Academy are still holding an audience of captivated fans who back up the bloodsuckers to this day.

So, why do we think that these guys don’t suck? (Pun intended)


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