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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Your Voice Brought Back the Good Times

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How many people out here actually pick up the phone and call someone? Calling for a ride or to link up with someone else at a large venue doesn’t count – I’m talking about an actual call where you have a conversation with someone for a couple of minutes or longer.

There are times where I feel like phone calls are slowly becoming as archaic and less frequent as snail mail but then there are the moments where I’m reminded that the form of communication isn’t dead. After I spent my Saturday celebrating an early Mother’s Day, I called my grandma in western New York to see how she’s doing. The last time I saw her in person was almost two years ago when Mom and I visited her one summer. She sounded happy to hear from me since she and my mom talk most of the time.

And moments ago, my phone rang with a number I hadn’t seen before. Part of me didn’t want to answer it but curiosity got the better of me and I picked up. Low and behold, it was a good friend from my junior year of college. He and I never see each other since he’s moved back to the UK and has been working in the family business after graduation. It was great hearing from him and hearing his voice. Facebook chats and e-mails really don’t fill the void that a phone call can. To me, it feels closer – almost as if they could be standing next to you that moment.

How about all of you? Have you called someone recently and had a good time catching up?

Unapologetic Poetry

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A few days ago the snippets of a poetry sample and assignment from my Honors Humanities teacher came to mind. He shared with us an infamous poem from William Carlos Williams that started with an announcement and ended with an apology. Like many teachers who have shared this poem with their students, he encouraged us to write our own takes on this formula that Williams presented.

I can’t remember the exact words I used for my poem, but I remember mine being quite tame compared to the variety of poems that came in. Why tame? It centered around the special needs greyhound that my family fostered then eventually adopted until she passed away last June.

I’m guessing that this poem came back to mind with the recent trend of the phrase “Sorry, not sorry” because I tend to read this style of poetry as a way to taunt, if not deliver a strong message across with deliberation. Rarely do we apologize with real meaning behind the words anymore – “I’m sorry” doesn’t seem to have the same conviction it used to have. Instead, it’s more of a throwaway phrase used to smooth over a situation that is tense or awkward.

For old times sake, I decided to give this style another go to see where I ended up:

This is just to say

I will not

date you or

speak to you again



we have


in common


Forgive me

I am

an old soul

and you are

still a kid