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Coalite – Chapter 3

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She had only seen a succubus in her books and some various horror flicks that Val dragged her to see. Lenny edged away from the bar and headed in the direction of where Val was dancing.

“Hey there you are!” Lenny yelled as she wedged herself between Val and the random guy dancing with her. “Wanna head out – think you said something about a final tomorrow?” She shot the guy an apologetic look as Val linked arms with her and nodded feebly. Lenny gripped Val’s arm and began dragging her through the crowds of people dancing. She didn’t dare look back but she knew that the succubus was still watching her.

“Do not engage them,” Gran’s friend Rose warned her. “Even if you’re armed – turn around and go in the other direction without confronting them, if you can avoid it. Only fight them if there is no other option.” This piece of advice always rang through Lenny’s mind whenever she was out in a public space where anyone and anything could mingle. All demons and warlocks had bad blood with one another since the Dark Ages.

“Bar-Bartend-hic! Bartender checking you out?” Val asked as Lenny dragged her out of the club.

“Nah just small talk,” Lenny replied as she dug around for her keys in her jacket pocket. She felt the jagged edge of the key scrape against her fingers for a brief moment before feeling something pull them away from reach. They floated from her pocket and above her head before zipping behind her, making Lenny turn around to see them landing in the succubus’ hand.

“What’s the rush witchie?” the girl taunted as she waved the keys around. “Gotta get home to finish brewing a potion?” She let out a deranged laugh at her own joke and Lenny stiffened. The succubus continued to laugh loudly, almost like that of a hyena. Lenny looked closer and noticed that the succubus had a greyish pallor to her skin – unusual for the species who tended to look healthier and well, beautiful to lure their prey in.

“Who’s laughing?” Val blurted out. “You say something Lenny?”

At Val’s words, the succubus stopped laughing and glanced over at Val, who was staring with glassy eyes and flushed cheeks. Lenny stepped in front of Val and held out her hand.

“All I want is my keys back so I can get her home,” Lenny said as met the green eyes of the succubus. Even the green in the succubus’ eyes looked a little off – they were more of a neon green color than the mid to dark green attributed to the species.

The succubus snorted and pointed at Val, who was peering over Lenny’s shoulder. “Why’s a human hanging around you?”

“Does it matter what species she is?” Lenny replied. She focused her eyes on the keys in the succubus’ hand and concentrated on moving them into her hand. The keys became surrounded by a small circle of blue light, which made the succubus screech as she released her hold on them. Once the keys zipped over to Lenny, she caught them and began walking quickly towards Val’s car, her hand firmly gripped on Val’s arm.

“Wha-What’s going on?” Val asked as Lenny helped her into the car.

“Crazy chick, had too much to drink,” Lenny fibbed as she buckled Val into her seat. Lenny slammed the door shut and jogged over to the driver’s seat of the car. Before she could open the door, the succubus ran towards her, eyes wild and rabid. Without hesitating, Lenny envisioned an invisible wall blocking her from the succubus. The succubus slammed hard into the invisible wall and fell to the ground.

“Can you uh, you uh, sleep over tonight?” Val asked as Lenny started the car. “I feel kinda…dizzy. Musta been that drink.”

“Sure thing,” Lenny said as she accelerated out of the parking lot without looking back. She glanced in her rear view mirror and saw that the succubus was still on the ground, motionless. She wasn’t sure whether it was from too much alcohol or something else, but Lenny could tell that this succubus was not acting normal, which kind of worked in Lenny’s benefit for her first encounter with the species.

Lenny sped up through a yellow light and continued towards Val’s house, which was a few more minutes away from the club they were just at. She heard her phone ring but she ignored it as she changed lanes to turn right into Val’s neighborhood. She had a feeling it was Gran calling to make sure that everything was okay.

“Almost there,” Lenny murmured as she turned left and drove to the end of the street. She pulled up in front of a colonial style house with brick walls and parked the car.

“I, I gots this,” Val said as she unclipped her seat belt and fumbled with the door. She swore under her breath as she fumbled with the handle. Lenny glanced at the handle and the door opened on Val’s next try. Val grinned and hobbled out the car, zigging and zagging her way to the door.

Lenny picked up her phone and managed to catch it before it stopped ringing. “Val have too much to drink?” Gran guessed.

“You know her too well,” Lenny replied as she clicked her tongue. “She asked me to stay over.”

Gran paused and glanced out the window for a moment. She turned back to the phone and continued, “Yes I think that’s a good idea. You girls have fun – feel free to come home whenever you want tomorrow.”

“But don’t you need–”

“I’ll handle the shop dearie, don’t worry about me!” Gran cut her off. “You know that you’re the light of my life, right?”

“Yes Gran, I do,” Lenny said as she unbuckled her seat belt and followed after Val, locking the car before she headed up the walkway. “And you’re the lighthouse who guides me to shore.”

Gran smiled and told her to have a good night before hanging up. She glanced around the room and narrowed her eyes at a lamp that was flickering. She looked back to the window and shook her head. It had been a while since the tension between demons and warlocks had come to a head but Rose’s death didn’t seem like a coincidence. Her close friend’s last words rang clear in her mind – “If there has ever been a time where our kind should back down, it is now.”

Coalite – Chapter 2

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“So how did you get in again?” Lenny shouted over the pulsating beats of the music.

Val looked up from typing her new review about this nightclub into her RevUzs app and came closer to Lenny so she didn’t have to yell too much. “A friend of my cousin’s knows the DJ playing tonight,” Val said. “She was allowed to put 7 other guests on the list to come in whenever the DJ’s spinning and gave me the remaining two spots.”

Lenny crossed her arms over her chest as she looked around at the dimly lit club, the dance floor filled with tons of sweaty bodies gyrating against each other to remixes of the top 40 hits. She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and tugged on the edge of her jacket.

“Was I your first choice for wingman?” Lenny asked.

Val punched her playfully and laughed. “Of course you were, silly! Lenia, you are my bestie and I always have fun with you…even when you try to ditch the guys I pair you with.”

Lenny shot her a small smile before following Val to the bar to try the specials. In order to make an accurate review, Val always tried the special drinks and/or bites at the places she partied at. Normally Lenny would have gone with a Bloody Mary but tonight, she wasn’t feeling it and asked for a seltzer water with lime. She ignored Val’s stare as she slid over a $5 for her water. The bartender counted out change and Lenny gave back $2 as a tip.

“I’ll take the Sprite Fury,” Val said as she caught the bartender’s eye. She turned to Lenny and gave her a funny look. “No Bloody Mary tonight? Something’s up.”

Lenny shook her head no and took a sip of the seltzer. It was a lie – she felt that something was off today and she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. She felt a little guilty for leaving Gran to eat dinner all by herself, especially after her outburst earlier. Even though Gran had insisted that she go and have fun like a normal young lady would, Lenny couldn’t help but feel weird for hanging out at some pretentious club with Val, who was probably going to need a ride back after they were done.

Val paid for her drink and took a sip of the acid lime colored concoction. She smacked her lips together and made a puckered face. “Ooohh that’s sour!” she blurted out. She held the glass out to Lenny and tried to get her to take a sip. Lenny came closer and sniffed the glass. Despite the vivid colors and prevalent lemon scent, she caught a whiff of pear and made a face. A dead giveaway that this was a fairy-made drink. She glanced closely at the bartender who served Val’s drink and noticed that he had pointy ears with multiple rings in them and sharp cheekbones.

The bartender finished serving another customer and grinned at Val who was still reeling at the sourness of the drink. He noticed that Lenny had turned down a sip and he cocked his head in her direction.

Val polished off the drink and giggled, standing up from her chair at the bar. She looked to the dance floor and told Lenny that she wanted to dance. Lenny shot her a polite smile and raised her seltzer at her as Val skipped over to the dance floor.

The bartender leaned towards Lenny. “Guess I was lil’ heavy handed with hers,” he said. “Sorry – didn’t realize that she was a lightweight.”

Lenny shrugged her shoulders and took a small sip of her seltzer. The bartender took a good look at her and asked, “So what about you sweetheart? I doubt you’re a human since you turned down my drink. A banshee? Nah hang on a sec, you’re a Draig – she said something about a Bloody Mary.”

“What’s it to you?” Lenny said as she looked dead straight ahead. It was none of his business what she was.

The bartender snickered, “Well whatever the Hell you are, I don’t get why a Little Raincloud like you would hang with a human like her.”

Lenny rolled her eyes and scanned the club while she sipped her seltzer. Most of the people grinding against each other were human. If they were to look at the bartender, all they would see was a guy with regular ears covered in studs and rings with an angular, sculpted face that would put the Greek gods to shame. She spotted a few more fairies dancing together in the far corner and thought she spotted a vampire sweet talking some stupid drunk soul into coming home with him.

“You’re definitely not like the other chicks I see coming through here,” the bartender spoke up. “Most of them grab a drink, dance a bit, get another, and they stumble outta here with their faces a hot mess.”

Lenny scanned the crowd for Val and spotted her sandwiched between two guys, dancing provocatively against them. She finished her seltzer and placed the glass back on the bar with a curt, “Thanks.”

The bartender studied her as he accepted the glass back and turned to place it in the sink. He returned to the bar and murmured, “Ah you’re a warlock. Shoulda known – the bright eyes give you away.”

Lenny frowned as she turned back to face the bartender. Her shoulders tensed up at his last comment and she shot back, “My eyes gave me away?”

The bartender smirked as he leaned a muscled arm on the bar. “You warlocks can’t see it, but whenever us fae folk see a warlock, their eyes look vibrant, color-wise.”

“Huh, interesting,” Lenny mumbled as she tore her gaze away from the bartender. She saw that Val was still dancing, this time with another guy, thankfully another human. Last thing she needed was Val being seduced by another magical being and disappearing when Lenny wasn’t looking.

As Lenny looked away from Val, she felt her skin prickle slightly when she felt another set of eyes on her. At first she thought it was the fairy bartender, but she saw him serving up drinks to a couple with greenish skin from the corner of her eye.

She looked to her left and blue eyes met fierce green ones. A succubus. Scratch that, a deranged succubus.

Coalite – Chapter 1

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“Yeah, sorry but there’s no such thing as Insta-Beauty in a bottle,” the girl droned from behind the counter. “If I were you, I’d kick the diet soda for starters and drink water instead.”

“But, but, but you’re a witch – thought this was something you could do!” the customer wailed on the other side of the counter. She leaned over the counter and blinked through raccoon eyes of blue mascara.

The girl crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head, trying to hide her disgust. This brat was one of the many idiots who stumbled into her shop looking for a miracle cure, whether it be a weight-loss potion or some spell that would instantly make her the prettiest girl in school overnight.

An older woman emerged from the back, drying her hands off on her apron. She patted the sobbing customer’s hand and gave her a smile.

“Now dearie, try not to cry,” the older woman said. She looked over at the girl aiding the customer and asked her to grab some of the fresh carrots that were picked from the garden. The girl shrugged her shoulders before pushing back the curtain covering the back room and searching the stock for the carrots. She heard the sink running and she saw that the carrots were sitting in the sink, the water still running.

We’re in a drought Gran, she thought as she turned the knobs off. She picked up the carrots and dried them off with her apron.

“Can you mash some up Lenny?” Gran called from the front. “Mix it with a bit of honey and lemon juice too.”

“Sure,” Lenny answered. She pulled down a pestle and mortar from the shelf above the sink and wiped them clean with her apron. She reached for a knife in the cutting block and began chopping the carrots into smaller pieces, placing them into the mortar. Lenny grabbed a lemon from the bowl and cut it open, squeezing one half of the lemon into the mortar and wrapping the other half for later. She pulled the honey container from the tray holding Gran’s varieties of tea and shook it upside down to get the sticky stuff to run down to the tip. She squeezed a bit into the mortar and replaced the container before mashing the mess together.

This was just a basic mask that Gran was probably going to give this girl to use for a while. No magic with this one – anyone could have figured that out. Sometimes she just wished that Gran would let these morons figure it out the hard way instead of giving them false hope. They already had a rather distorted perception of who they were and what they were capable of in the mortal realm – no point in trying to play up to it.

The concoction began to resemble a slightly lumpy paste that had a very orange hue to it. Lenny removed an empty container from the cabinet and filled it with the contents of the goop. She screwed the lid on tightly and wiped away the remnants with a paper towel. She sighed deeply and brought the jar out to Gran and the customer who was having a meltdown about going to prom or homecoming or whatever with the best boy and blah blah. She heard it all before – hot guy asks not-so-hot girl out and she freaks out over her appearance before the whole ordeal. 80% of the cases that came through here ended up in tears because they were ridiculed publicly a la Carrie, 15% were stood up, and the rare 5% got their fairytale ending. This one wasn’t bad looking to begin with but she could do without the blue mascara, last decade’s smoky eye, and the fading ombre ends on her hair.

Gran accepted the jar and handed it over to the girl with a smile, telling her to use it every night before 7:17 PM in dim lighting. The girl accepted the jar curiously and asked for the cost. Gran stated that it was free of charge. The girl brightened and practically skipped out the door, clutching the jar tightly to her chest.

Lenny rolled her eyes and shook her head. “I hope that’s it Gran,” she said.

Gran shot her a look and turned to face her granddaughter. “I didn’t tell her that special time for no good reason,” Gran said with a knowing look in her eyes.

Lenny groaned and threw her hands up in the air. “Gran! You can’t keep helping these sob cases!” she said. “At some point, it’s gonna come back to get us.”

Gran sighed and removed her apron. “I saw no reason to not help that poor young lady,” Gran replied. “And besides dearie, not everyone is endowed with your looks.”

“There’s so few of us left Gran,” Lenny said. “We can’t draw too much attention to ourselves. Remember what happened to your friend Rose?”

“I’m being cautious, trust me,” Gran replied. She patted Lenny on the shoulder and studied her. She looked nothing like her late daughter – rather more like her own mother or Lenny’s great-grandmother. The black-brown hair that fell in razor-ended layers, the medium blue eyes, and the fair complexion with peachy undertones made her a spitting image of her mother back in her prime. But that’s about where the similarities ended – her granddaughter was blunt, hot-headed, and distrustful of everyone whereas her mother was a free-spirit with a smile on her face and an eagerness to help others in need.

Lenny sagged her shoulders and looked around the shop before meeting Gran’s eyes again. “I’m sorry Gran,” she said. “Look, its just, I don’t wanna lose you because you did something that could have been avoided.” She paused before wrapping her Gran in a hug.

“You’re all I have left,” she said, forcing herself to hold in tears that she refused to shed. She hated crying, especially in front of people.

Gran embraced her back and smiled. “Dear, I know that you worry about this old bag of bones but don’t you worry too much,” she said. She let go of her granddaughter and held her at arms length.

“You should answer that, I think its your friend Val,” Gran guessed before the phone rang.

Lenny laughed as she walked over to the phone and picked it up. “Hello?”

“Hey you,” Val replied. “So there’s this sick nightclub that opened up downtown and I’m dyyyying to go scope it out. You game girlie?”

Lenny bit her lip and jutted her right hip out as she leaned against the wall. Val liked partying and checking out hot guys at the places they went, as well as ranking them on her RevUzs profile for everyone to see. But lately Val had been trying to pair her off with random strangers at these places and it was starting to drive her crazy. Val couldn’t see it, but Lenny noticed that she always seemed to end up with another, well non-human, like herself. Never any other warlocks like her but the last few were a weird combo of a Zohu (part zombie part human), a vampire, and some kind of gila monster man who liked flicking his tongue out a lot. The latter got too close and Lenny nearly tore his tongue out of his scaly head with her bare hands. Val was upset and bought the guy a drink to make up for it. But in Lenny’s defense, the guy had been trying to put his tongue past the back part of her shirt.

Gran was watching her and waved at her to go. She mouthed that Lenny should go, maybe wear those new shoes and leggings that they just bought.

Lenny shot her a weak smile and straightened up. “Yeah sure I guess,” Lenny said. “But no matchmaking tonight – just wanna have it be a girls night only.”

“Deal,” Val said. “I’ll swing by your place in 30 minutes?”

“Yeah sounds good,” Lenny said. “See you.”

All the Small Things

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I think its safe to say that this year’s birthday started off with a much more upbeat bang than last year’s. I don’t go into my birthdays ever expecting a big celebration or any crazy shenanigans to transpire but every single one is filled with surprises, both good and bad.

Saturday started off with a pleasant visit to a SHAG event at WonderGround Gallery with my parents and ended with a delicious meal at Steakhouse 55. Food was spectacular and spending a birthday with my parents is always nice.

Sunday was spent at Goofy’s Kitchen with some friends. I thought I was going to just enjoy brunch and some rides at the park with friends. Little did I know that one thoughtful gal would be bringing a dozen cupcakes from The Original Yummy Cupcakes Bakery in Burbank for me.



Picture taken by me

Surprised? Yes. But a wonderful surprise – definitely thoughtful. But the surprises didn’t end there. After enjoying a fun and eventful brunch with familiar characters and tasty food, my friends brought out another surprise.




Picture taken by me

My very own pair of Doc Martens boots! A while back, we were talking about how much we’ve changed since high school and I mentioned that I once went through a period where all of my clothing seemed to be black or dark colored. I had a strange fascination with Emily the Strange and her band of cats plus other dark girls like Wednesday Addams a la Christina Ricci. There was even a point where I asked my mom for my own pair of Doc Martens. Yup, that was enough to make my poor mom worry about her daughter turning into a punk or possibly a Goth. Eventually I got out of the dark phase but every now and then I revisit the edgy elements of the dark side. I was touched that the gang remembered me mentioning this.

Even at work, my co-workers made my birthday really special. My supervisor brought balloons and a Disney birthday button for me to wear. And two of my co-workers brought me some baked goodies from a bakery in Long Beach.



10455041_10152183461022963_2986043586365381338_nPhoto taken by me

While its not a milestone birthday like 21 or 25, its funny how the smallest details or simple gestures have really made 23 a great year so far.

What about you readers? Are there any priceless moments or acts of kindness that made your birthday a little more magical?