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I think its safe to say that this year’s birthday started off with a much more upbeat bang than last year’s. I don’t go into my birthdays ever expecting a big celebration or any crazy shenanigans to transpire but every single one is filled with surprises, both good and bad.

Saturday started off with a pleasant visit to a SHAG event at WonderGround Gallery with my parents and ended with a delicious meal at Steakhouse 55. Food was spectacular and spending a birthday with my parents is always nice.

Sunday was spent at Goofy’s Kitchen with some friends. I thought I was going to just enjoy brunch and some rides at the park with friends. Little did I know that one thoughtful gal would be bringing a dozen cupcakes from The Original Yummy Cupcakes Bakery in Burbank for me.



Picture taken by me

Surprised? Yes. But a wonderful surprise – definitely thoughtful. But the surprises didn’t end there. After enjoying a fun and eventful brunch with familiar characters and tasty food, my friends brought out another surprise.




Picture taken by me

My very own pair of Doc Martens boots! A while back, we were talking about how much we’ve changed since high school and I mentioned that I once went through a period where all of my clothing seemed to be black or dark colored. I had a strange fascination with Emily the Strange and her band of cats plus other dark girls like Wednesday Addams a la Christina Ricci. There was even a point where I asked my mom for my own pair of Doc Martens. Yup, that was enough to make my poor mom worry about her daughter turning into a punk or possibly a Goth. Eventually I got out of the dark phase but every now and then I revisit the edgy elements of the dark side. I was touched that the gang remembered me mentioning this.

Even at work, my co-workers made my birthday really special. My supervisor brought balloons and a Disney birthday button for me to wear. And two of my co-workers brought me some baked goodies from a bakery in Long Beach.



10455041_10152183461022963_2986043586365381338_nPhoto taken by me

While its not a milestone birthday like 21 or 25, its funny how the smallest details or simple gestures have really made 23 a great year so far.

What about you readers? Are there any priceless moments or acts of kindness that made your birthday a little more magical?


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