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Coalite – Chapter 2

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“So how did you get in again?” Lenny shouted over the pulsating beats of the music.

Val looked up from typing her new review about this nightclub into her RevUzs app and came closer to Lenny so she didn’t have to yell too much. “A friend of my cousin’s knows the DJ playing tonight,” Val said. “She was allowed to put 7 other guests on the list to come in whenever the DJ’s spinning and gave me the remaining two spots.”

Lenny crossed her arms over her chest as she looked around at the dimly lit club, the dance floor filled with tons of sweaty bodies gyrating against each other to remixes of the top 40 hits. She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and tugged on the edge of her jacket.

“Was I your first choice for wingman?” Lenny asked.

Val punched her playfully and laughed. “Of course you were, silly! Lenia, you are my bestie and I always have fun with you…even when you try to ditch the guys I pair you with.”

Lenny shot her a small smile before following Val to the bar to try the specials. In order to make an accurate review, Val always tried the special drinks and/or bites at the places she partied at. Normally Lenny would have gone with a Bloody Mary but tonight, she wasn’t feeling it and asked for a seltzer water with lime. She ignored Val’s stare as she slid over a $5 for her water. The bartender counted out change and Lenny gave back $2 as a tip.

“I’ll take the Sprite Fury,” Val said as she caught the bartender’s eye. She turned to Lenny and gave her a funny look. “No Bloody Mary tonight? Something’s up.”

Lenny shook her head no and took a sip of the seltzer. It was a lie – she felt that something was off today and she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. She felt a little guilty for leaving Gran to eat dinner all by herself, especially after her outburst earlier. Even though Gran had insisted that she go and have fun like a normal young lady would, Lenny couldn’t help but feel weird for hanging out at some pretentious club with Val, who was probably going to need a ride back after they were done.

Val paid for her drink and took a sip of the acid lime colored concoction. She smacked her lips together and made a puckered face. “Ooohh that’s sour!” she blurted out. She held the glass out to Lenny and tried to get her to take a sip. Lenny came closer and sniffed the glass. Despite the vivid colors and prevalent lemon scent, she caught a whiff of pear and made a face. A dead giveaway that this was a fairy-made drink. She glanced closely at the bartender who served Val’s drink and noticed that he had pointy ears with multiple rings in them and sharp cheekbones.

The bartender finished serving another customer and grinned at Val who was still reeling at the sourness of the drink. He noticed that Lenny had turned down a sip and he cocked his head in her direction.

Val polished off the drink and giggled, standing up from her chair at the bar. She looked to the dance floor and told Lenny that she wanted to dance. Lenny shot her a polite smile and raised her seltzer at her as Val skipped over to the dance floor.

The bartender leaned towards Lenny. “Guess I was lil’ heavy handed with hers,” he said. “Sorry – didn’t realize that she was a lightweight.”

Lenny shrugged her shoulders and took a small sip of her seltzer. The bartender took a good look at her and asked, “So what about you sweetheart? I doubt you’re a human since you turned down my drink. A banshee? Nah hang on a sec, you’re a Draig – she said something about a Bloody Mary.”

“What’s it to you?” Lenny said as she looked dead straight ahead. It was none of his business what she was.

The bartender snickered, “Well whatever the Hell you are, I don’t get why a Little Raincloud like you would hang with a human like her.”

Lenny rolled her eyes and scanned the club while she sipped her seltzer. Most of the people grinding against each other were human. If they were to look at the bartender, all they would see was a guy with regular ears covered in studs and rings with an angular, sculpted face that would put the Greek gods to shame. She spotted a few more fairies dancing together in the far corner and thought she spotted a vampire sweet talking some stupid drunk soul into coming home with him.

“You’re definitely not like the other chicks I see coming through here,” the bartender spoke up. “Most of them grab a drink, dance a bit, get another, and they stumble outta here with their faces a hot mess.”

Lenny scanned the crowd for Val and spotted her sandwiched between two guys, dancing provocatively against them. She finished her seltzer and placed the glass back on the bar with a curt, “Thanks.”

The bartender studied her as he accepted the glass back and turned to place it in the sink. He returned to the bar and murmured, “Ah you’re a warlock. Shoulda known – the bright eyes give you away.”

Lenny frowned as she turned back to face the bartender. Her shoulders tensed up at his last comment and she shot back, “My eyes gave me away?”

The bartender smirked as he leaned a muscled arm on the bar. “You warlocks can’t see it, but whenever us fae folk see a warlock, their eyes look vibrant, color-wise.”

“Huh, interesting,” Lenny mumbled as she tore her gaze away from the bartender. She saw that Val was still dancing, this time with another guy, thankfully another human. Last thing she needed was Val being seduced by another magical being and disappearing when Lenny wasn’t looking.

As Lenny looked away from Val, she felt her skin prickle slightly when she felt another set of eyes on her. At first she thought it was the fairy bartender, but she saw him serving up drinks to a couple with greenish skin from the corner of her eye.

She looked to her left and blue eyes met fierce green ones. A succubus. Scratch that, a deranged succubus.


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