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Make it a Quick One

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Who here likes horror? While I’m not a big horror fan, I find it curious why many are drawn to it. Recently, a friend challenged me to write a two sentence horror story by Friday. Was I willing to try? Why not.

Below are a few different two sentence horror stories. Have a favorite? Comment below.

The usual snoozefest started in fourth period like every Wednesday for Haley, who was sound asleep as the drone discussed planes and right angles. The scythe raised and swiped down in a diagonal, the scream lingering behind closed eyes.

Thunk! His shaky hand wiggled the hilt from his side, vision sharpening and blurring while her crimson lips shot him a pitiful smile.

“Can you hear me?” she screamed, hands pressing against the walls. The blank eyes lined up with hers as the door slid shut with a thud.

No way out, absolutely no way out, he thought. The screams filled the air and all he could do was close his eyes as the sound intensified.

The trigger was pulled with haste, sending the bullet into his windpipe. The last thing he could make out in the blurriness was the rotting, swollen face with bloodshot eyes hovering over his face.


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