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Irreplaceable (A Submission for Narrative’s iStory Contest)

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On a whim I submitted an entry into my first writing contest for Narrative Magazine. They challenged writers to create an iStory, which is a story that is 150 words or less that can be read on a smart device. Usually the stories tell a lesson or event without the fluff and extraneous details. It did not make it for submission, but I thought it would be great to share it with my readers on this blog. It is inspired by a recent change of events in my working career.


“Can you let our vendors know that I’ll be the new correspondent?”

“Sure, I’ll do it Monday.”

“Actually, please tell them now. Copy me on all of the e-mails.”

Sure, she thought behind a chipper smile with an egg-sized lump in her throat. The click, click, click of her fingers pounding the keys followed, typing the same generic e-mail to everyone on the distribution list.

Don’t be stupid, she thought. You chose to take the offer. People come and go on this team.

Ping! 2 New Messages!

Ping! 5 New Messages!

She takes a break to open them, expecting to see polite farewells.

What?! You’re leaving? Great working with you!!

The new team has some elegant, lovely, big shoes to fill.

I cannot thank you enough for helping me these past 2 years. It’s been an honor working with you.

Your new team is very lucky to have you.


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