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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Sunday Towers

Hashhouse A Go GoTaken by my dad

A picture of my breakfast from Hashhouse a Go Go – Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken and Bacon Waffle Tower. It’s been roughly 2 years since I’ve been to this restaurant, which has won many awards for their breakfast dishes and unique spin on classic dishes like fried chicken and waffles. Normally I gravitate to one of their Signature Pancakes like the Snickers pancake but this time I wanted to try the famous dish that they consider a classic staple on their menu. Not good for dieters but well worth the hype – chicken was moist and the outer fried shell was crunchy. Waffles were excellent with the addition of bacon bits.

I highly recommend you go at least once to one of their locations – a fantastic menu and a fun experience.


Music Picks – Song I’m Listening to Now

The unique instrumentation, pacing, and haunting vibe of the song caught my attention when I saw it used for a dance routine on Dancing With the Stars this season.

Who Needs Black Friday When There’s Eggs and Bacon?

Breakfast?Photo taken by my dad

To my devoted readers and newcomers alike, I’d like you to meet my new dog Delilah. She is a rescue – we think she is a Great Dane/Greyhound mix. She’s still a puppy but she has quite the appetite – whenever food comes out, she’ll sit by your chair and look over her shoulder at you.

We feed our dogs regular dog food with some chicken mixed in but if there are a few table scraps that are safe for the dogs to eat, you can guess where they go. 😉

That One Song That Makes You Want to Dance

While some of my readers might be a fan of this song or can’t stand hearing this one another time, I have to admit that I enjoy listening to it as a pick-me-up whenever I’m either having a tough day or if I feel motivated to get up and dance. I remember reading an old book that suggested finding at least one positive song that you like and having that in your arsenal in times when you needed some encouragement.

What about you readers? What one song makes you feel better or get up and dance?

Go Behind the Mic

Whenever I see an animated film, I like searching video sites for the B-roll, which usually shows how the actors deliver their lines behind the microphone. I think its interesting watching some of them either say their lines with various expressions or there are the ones who really get into it and move around, getting into character.

Below are a few of my favorite ones from a mix of recent animated films. Do you have a favorite?

It’s There Somewhere in the Mess (An original poem inspired by Mockingjay)

Inspired by Peeta Mellark’s struggle in Suzanne Collins Mockingjay novel, I present to you my original poem.

There are faces in my line of sight

Screams of agony engulfing me

And a thousand voices in my head


The memories I held onto

As beacons of hope

Are broken and jagged like shards of glass


Voids created and details lost

Friends, family, foes

All the same


The one face

That stands out

The braid, the grey eyes, and the golden pin


I think she’s a threat

But others say otherwise

I’m trying to remember

But it’s a mess inside


Grumpy and Grumpier at the Happiest Place on Earth

This is one of my favorite videos from Disney, which is part of their Show Your Disney Side campaign. Grumpy Cat aka Tartar Sauce shows her Disney side while hanging out with an equally grumpy figure.