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The Thrill of the Heat

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Happy November readers! It’s time for me to attempt another year of National Blogging November and to kick things off, I’d like to address a topic that’s very close to me and my food preferences: spicy foods and condiments.

Ever since I was a little kid I loved spicy food. Buffalo wings were one of my favorite ways to get my heat fix and I can recall a moment where I was eating dinner at the Armadillo Grill and happened to run into a few of my old teachers and a teacher’s aid dining the same time I was. I ordered my usual – buffalo wings made with their unique sauce recipe and I downed a few of them without stopping for a drink of water. I’m sure they were surprised and amused to see a young girl, not much older than 7 or 8 eating spicy food without blinking an eye.

The love of a good kick spice-wise hasn’t died – I think its safe to say that its maybe grown more so over the years. Granted I can’t down a Trinidad and Tobago pepper per se without breaking a sweat but I had a rather comical run-in with ghost chili salsa from Bull Taco.

I find it interesting that there are many restaurants that cater to heat seekers like me and they rank spice on a number scale, usually from 1 (meaning very basic spices) to 10 in some cases. I’m never consistent at these places because the spice rating varies from place to place. For example I can stand a 6 or a 7 at Spices Thai Restaurant whereas at Curry House CoCo Ichibanya I can only do a 2 if I wish to finish my meal. The latter has a 10 as the hottest and only the brave and perhaps reckless, venture to try that one. (The restaurant highly advises that you’ve had at least a 5 before ordering higher.) I’ve known a few acquaintances who have ventured to 7 before admitted halfway through their meal that its too hot to even enjoy.

So now I ask you – where do you stand on the heat scale? Are you a heat seeker or is mild more your taste?


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