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That’s So 90s

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I recall a moment when someone said that they couldn’t believe that the fashions, trends, and quirks of the 1980s was considered vintage about 6–7 years ago. Now I know how they feel as the 1990s fashions and trends are making a comeback in fashion, in both vintage and high end fashions.

Floppy scrunchies, stone-washed jeans, jelly flats, platform sneakers, and crop tops – yup I rocked some form of them back then. I’m pretty sure I still have a few of those floppy scrunchies floating around in a miscellaneous drawer. I have fond memories of a blue gingham crop top from Old Navy which I wore constantly. The other item that I wore regularly was my metallic blue platform Sketcher sneakers, partially because they were in blue, my favorite color, but also because they made me feel like Baby Spice who frequently rocked the footwear in her stage looks.

I kind of want to laugh whenever I go to vintage markets, surf online shops, or stumble across vintage places that lump 1990s fashions and items with the smattering of other eras and dubbing it “vintage”. Maybe it’s because I grew up wearing those items, possibly because it was only a few years ago that these were the “It” fashions of the decade. Then again, I’ve come to find that most people find vintage fashion interesting or amusing, especially when they see younger people buying items that used to cost $20 back then, now worth $100+ depending on condition and time period.

Are the 90s revival items a do or a don’t? Can you consider them “vintage” or too soon?


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