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Siblings Will be Siblings (Coalite Side Story)

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Thank you to everyone who has been reading my original story Coalite that I’ve been posting on here from time to time. This is a character analysis if you will about Tarico Sussex (Ari) and his sister Myrai. Something different for me to try – please enjoy!

Warning: There is some language, drinking, and implied sexual encounters.

“Bartender hit me with a stiff one,” the young woman barked as she slid into a bar stool. “When I say stiff, I mean it. And make it quick.”

“Someone’s in a hurry,” the bartender muttered under her breath as she began measuring out the amount of gin needed for the woman’s drink. She looked up to see the young woman’s face inches away from hers, green eyes glittering.

“Keep talking like that and you can forget about getting your damn tip,” the woman spat as she dug her pointed nails into the bar counter.

The bartender recoiled and began apologizing as she added the shots of gin to the mixer along with dragon fruit juice and lime. The woman smirked as she settled back onto her stool, crossing her arms over her chest.

The bartender slid the completed drink to the woman as soon as she finished pouring the concoction into a glass and the woman pushed a $50 her way. “You can keep $2 from the change,” the woman said as the bartender went to the register.

“Thanks m’am,” the bartender said as she punched in the amount for the drink. She counted out the change and kept $2, handing the rest over to the woman.

The woman put the change into her top and downed her drink in two long sips. She placed the glass down and sighed contentedly before snapping her head towards the door and rolling her eyes.

“Can I get an Execution with extra pepper juice and no vodka?” a male asked as he took the stool next to the woman.

“Sure thing sir,” the bartender said as she began pulling the ingredients for the drink.

The woman snorted and leaned on her elbow as she glanced over at her seatmate. “Seriously Ari? You’re old enough to add the freaking vodka for Lucifer’s Sake!”

“Not feeling it tonight,” Ari said as he watched the bartender make his drink. “I see you’ve already had your poison  – what’d you do this time Myrai?”

Myrai flipped her hair over her shoulder and stared at her new manicure – crimson acrylics with black arches painted above her nail bed, every nail sharpened to a point. “Bagged a guy and he was a disappointment. And I thought for a guy that badass, he had to have the same attitude in bed. How wrong was I?”

“Wow I think the world might come to an end,” Ari replied as he pulled out money from his pocket. He paid the bartender and told her to keep the change.

The bartender did a double take when she noticed that Ari had paid for his drink with a $20 for something that only cost $5. “Thank you very much sir,” the bartender said as she went to the register. “Hope you have a good night.”

Ari flashed the bartender a winning smile and ignored the gagging look that Myrai was doing. He took a sip of the drink and stared straight ahead. “I’m sure there’s other ones out there – always will be, right?”

Myrai turned towards Ari and laughed, slapping her thigh hard. “I…can’t believe…that my little brother actually said that,” she hooted. “Do you realize how obviously green you sound right now?”

“Least I’m not earning a rep as the town slut,” Ari shot back before he took a longer sip.

“Puhleeze Ari,” Myrai said as she yanked the drink out of his hand. “You’ve been drinking the stuff that Mom brought home for you since you were born and never, in the years I’ve been in this family, have I ever seen you go out and seduce your own food. Don’t ya think its time to stop crying to Mommy Dearest?”

Ari’s back stiffened and he wrenched the glass out of Myrai’s hand, ears turning red. He finished the drink in one gulp and swallowed hard, letting the pepper juice scorch his throat. “I’m done,” Ari said as he pushed back his stool. “Good luck finding your next conquest or whatever.” He shoved past other customers, one of them being a burly biker guy.

The biker guy put a hand on Ari’s shoulder and Ari whipped his head around, eyes burning fiercely and his teeth gritted in a way to show the sharp ones off. “Back. Off.” Ari growled.

The biker guy released his grip and backed away as Ari stormed out of the bar in a huff.

Myrai giggled, pleased with her work. She slid off the stool and sauntered up to the biker guy who confronted her brother. Score, she thought.


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