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Looking For Advice in All the Wrong Places

Who are the people you go to for advice? Is it a friend? Group of friends? Family? Your significant other? A passing stranger or acquaintance?

In my case, I tend to seek advice from people I trust and ones who know me well. Life advice tends to come from my family and older friends.

Why the title you may ask? It’s a reference to the times where I got advice when I didn’t ask for it. Granted people may have offered it with good intentions but its interesting hearing people give unsolicited advice out of the blue. Such was the case with a few friends from my grade school days who ended to speak unfiltered and without shame. One girl was notorious for screeching her disapproval over something and she seemed to be quite good at shutting down any inkling or passing thought that didn’t fit her agenda. Lots of her friends got hurt this way and I often was on the receiving end, in many cases when I wasn’t present.

Then you get the other side of the equation where I had another friend who was trying to help me be a better girl in getting a guy. Over a dinner with some friends at a Japanese restaurant, she suddenly wanted to share a flirting technique she used occasionally. Only thing was, her example guy who was supposed to help her out was busy enjoying his food and looked up at the wrong time. It was never used, as many guys warned her that instead of looking interested, the girl performing the flirting technique would seem disinterested or merely interested because no one better was around.

Do you know someone who gives unsolicited advice?


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