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Rubber Band Romance (An Original Poem)

Inspired by the real life and celebrity couples who can never seem to get enough of each other, even when it’s over.

Mutual friends introduced them

They met at a party or event

Or they met by pure chance


They were a match made in heaven

Or the worst pair ever

Some in support

Others voicing dissent


One says “I quit!”

The bystanders react

Cheers, gasps, horror alike

Both go their separate ways, for a while at least


Days, months, years pass

Someone reaches out to offer peace

Suddenly its back on


The couple who called it Splitsville back together!

Power couple in power once again!

The pictures flash them together

Arm in arm

Lips on lips

The passion reignited


Then the end arrives once more

Bittersweet than the last time

Maybe its mutual

Or painful heartbreak for one party


Oh they’ll be back soon, some claim

They can’t get enough of each other

God I hope not! Scream others

They deserve so much better


Before they know it

Here comes the next round

Predictable to some while a shock to others

Let’s see what happens this time


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