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I Saw (Insert Famous Person’s Name) Wearing (Insert Fashion Item), So I Bought It

Admit it, who’s guilty of going and buying something after they saw it on a celebrity they loved?

I think my early instances of that were buying copycat items to mimic either the fashions worn by the Clueless characters on the TV show or not the Spice Girls. (Yes I owned 2 pairs of platform sneakers, located a form-fitting white tube dress a la Baby Spice, and had their CDs.) The Power Rangers costumes are a close second – they never seemed to hold up very well and I’d always end up getting a new one or returning the one I had because it fell apart after a few wears.

Flash forward to today, it’s interesting seeing the sites like Coolspotters, Polyvore, and various fashion blogs devoted to spotting and sharing the brands and exact items worn by celebrities. What used to be a guessing game of trying to find something similar to mimic the look of a celebrity or character is now reduced to whoever can find the item the fastest and fork out the money for the item.

While I think its fun to look through these sites, I often wonder how many people out there religiously try to own almost every single item that their fave celebrity rocked at an event or red carpet event. With many of the items coming from premium designers, I can’t imagine how much money people would have to spend to copy them exactly. But then again, I have heard stories of celebrity look-a-likes paying skilled costume designers thousands of dollars to make them replicas of various costumes worn by celebrities.

How about you? Are you into the fad of chasing celebrity fashions or are you one who rolls their eyes when someone insists on copying their favorite celebrity to a T?


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